24Hours Compulsory Quarantine for Testing for almost all arrivals now at CTU

+ 14 Days mandatory quarantine at a designated location if visited high-risk countries (and perhaps all travelers, reports are now coming in)

From March 18th, all international arrivals in Chengdu are now required to undergo a 24 hour quarantine at designated location, even if they do not have any coronavirus symptoms. Moreover, people from high-risk countries will have to undergo a 14 days mandatory quarantine at a designated location after this.

Currently the list of high-risk countries include: Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran, France, Germany, the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Austria and Denmark.

24Hours Compulsory Quarantine for ALL International Arrivals at CTU

Compulsory Quarantine Information

During the 24hours you’ll be tested for COVID-19. If the test comes back positive, you’ll be taken to the hospital immediately for treatment. If the test is negative, people from non-risk countries, you may be able return to your compound for a 14-days home quarantine. However people that have been in hi-risk countries during the last 14 days will have undergo mandatory two-week quarantine at a designated location, where they must pay for their stay. Reported quarantine costs are around 4000-7500RMB for 2 weeks. Only “under special circumstances after strict evaluation” (although no criteria were given) will be exempted from being sent to these facilities. The facilities so far are hotels.

Travelers from abroad without medical insurance will have to bear their own medical costs if they are suspected of carrying COVID-19 or are confirmed. For those with basic medical insurance, the expenses can be covered by medical care and local subsidies.

If you have a residence in Chengdu, our suggestion is for you to contact your landlord or property manager to find out if you can get permission to return home for the 14 days quarantine.

People in compulsory quarantine report being put up at local hotels and are not allowed to leave their room. Prepared meals have been delivered to them, and some are allowing residents to order items for delivery.

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