3 Ways To Cool Down This Summer

Summer’s here!
Most of us love this time of the year as we unpack our BBQ sets, enjoy brunch with family and friends, and spend lots of time basking in the sun.
It does get a little too warm at times so let Sam’s Club share three ways to cool down this summer!
Drink lots of water.
Stay hydrated and experts recommend drinking eight glasses of water a day.
Take a cold shower or bath.
Before and after work, take a cold shower or dip in the pool to cool down.
Carry a small electric fan with you. 
Why suffer?  Stay cool all the time!
Here’s three simple and refreshing recipes from Sam’s Club Master Chefs to help you stay even cooler!  We know you’ll love it!
                      Watermelon jelly



One last tip!  
When you’re indoors, please turn off the AC this summer and do your part to conserve our planet’s resources. Get yourself one of these energy-efficient fans to cool your room and yourself at the same time!

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