Dreading the morning traffic? Always in a rush dropping your kids off to school before work? No Worries! We have you covered. 

Here are some quick and hassle-free breakfast recipes using Sam’s Club high quality and great value products for your everyday energy. 

Overnight Chia Pudding

The following recipe serves two people


– 1/4 cup Member’s Mark Chia Seeds

– 1 cup Member’s Mark Yogurt

– 1 cup Member’s Mark Whole Milk

– A pinch of salt

Optional Toppings

– Member’s Mark Daily Nuts

– Member’s Mark Granola Cereals

– Honey

– Sliced Dole Banana


Combine chia seeds, whole milk, yogurt and salt in a large bowl and stir until fully mixed

Transfer into a jar, leaving some space

Add optional toppings

Member’s Mark

Premium Chia Seed

Selected from Mexico; 

contains a high level of dietary fiber.

¥118 / 990g


Member’s Mark


Using milk selected from Sam’s farm 

managed by Japanese technology.

¥39.8/120 x 8 packs


Avocado Egg Toast

The following recipe serves


– 1 slice of Member’s Mark black wheat toast

– 1/2 Dole avocado

– 1 Member’s Mark egg

– A pinch of salt and pepper


Mash the avocado into a smooth paste and season with salt and pepper

Slightly toast the slice of black wheat bread in a toaster

Heat up a nonstick skillet and spray with cooking oil. Gently crack in an egg and cook to your liking.

Spread the avocado


– Add grilled bacon or tomatoes for a more savory flavor

– Use Member’s Mark croissant instead of the toast

Member’s Mark 

Black Wheat Toast

¥24.8 / 460g



¥39.8 / 1.5kg

Member’s Mark 


All the eggs are sterilized and source traceable. 

¥19.9 / 1.85kg

Baked Cinnamon Banana Oatmeal


– 1/2 cup Member’s Mark oatmeal

– 1 Member’s Mark egg

– 1/2 cup Member’s Mark whole milk

– 1/3 Dole banana

– 1/4 tsp cinnamon powder

– 2 tsp honey


Add oats, milk, and egg together into a bowl and stir well.

Mash the banana and add it to the bowl along with honey and cinnamon powder.

Stir well

Cook in a microwave at high heat for 2-3 minutes


Member’s Mark 

Quick Cooking Oatmeal

¥29.8 / 2kg

Member’s Mark 

Whole Milk

Directly imported from Germany.

¥42.8 / 1L  x 6 cartons


Dole Banana

Only the top 3.9 are chosen by Sam’s Club 

and imported from Philippine.  

¥19.9 / 1.4kg


Sometimes we are just in such a hurry and need to Grab and Go! 

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! 

Member’s Mark 

Multi-flavor Smoothie

¥59 / 6 x 300ml bottles 

Member’s Mark 

Daily Nuts 

5 kinds of nuts + 3 different dry fruits

give you nutrients for the entire day!

¥138 / 30bags x 30g 


Sam’s Club Selection:

All of Sam’s Club products are selected with integrity based. We set a high standard for our selection process and what we offer, and we make sure each of our products meets it. From our dairy products to fruits, vegetables, and meat, our customers can be assured that they are getting a quality product at a fair and reasonable price.

What is Member’s Mark?

Sam’s Club offers over 600 types of high-quality products at competitive prices through its private brand Member’s Mark. Sam’s suppliers are some of the highest calibers and they strictly follow product specifications during production to maintain product quality and integrity.

Life is Better in the Club.

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