If you live in China, it’s likely that at some stage Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has been recommended to you. Perhaps you’ve tried it. Or perhaps you remain skeptical, and stick to medicines you are used to from home.

Complimentary rather than opposing medical ideologies

The WHO officially recognized TCM in 2013 – and it has been growing in popularity in American and Europe over the last few decades, as both an alternative, and an accompaniment to Western medicine.

This popularity is partial because TCM practitioners take into consideration your lifestyle, and your general feeling of wellness, and prescribe preventative medicines, where western medicine often treats only the cause of the problem. It is also known to be effective for chronic illness, where clinical medicines have ceased to work, or are have limited effects.


What are the core ideas behind TCM?


TCM in very simplistic terms is based on theories about qi – a vital energy, which is said to flow along channels called meridians and help the body to maintain health. Treatments, whether acupuncture or herbal remedies are also said to work by rebalancing forces known as yin and yang.

The Western convention is to seek well-defined, well-tested causes to explain a disease state. From the TCM perspective, this is too simplistic. Factors that determine health are specific to individuals. And the remedies are often a mix of a dozen or more ingredients with mechanisms that cannot, they say, be reduced to a single factor.


Is TCM for you?


TCM treatments have been known to be effective for many things; from general feelings of unwellness to chronic illnesses, joint pain, circulatory problems and more. If you are open to exploring alternative cures to your problems, then it is likely TCM is for you.


Western & Traditional Chinese Medicine at Leo Clinic

If you are looking for a reputable place in Chengdu to try TCM for the first time, Leo Clinic offers a wide range of treatments and is well recognized in the international community. This family-friendly GP offers special programs that are designed for specific nationality and language needs.


About Dr. Yan

Leo Clinic’s Chinese Traditional Medicine Master


Dr. Yan graduated from Guangzhou TCM University, as a TCM Master – specializing in acupuncture and massage. He offers unique insights and an abundance of experience in infant massage, chiropractic treatment and the treatment of bone and joint diseases. He will explain the theory behind the treatments and is happy to answer questions if it’s your first time experiencing TMC.

Dr. Yan finds combining acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and lifestyle changes to be the most effective, and creates bespoke treatment package for each patient, depending on their need.


TCM Services Offered

Areas of Expertise at Leo Clinic

Traditional Chinese Massage

Infant Massage

Acupuncture and Electro-Acupuncture




Chiropractic & Bone and Join Treatments
(Pain in neck, shoulder, waist, leg, and knee)

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sequela of Apoplexy
(this refers to conditions involving blood pressure and flow)

Office worker related syndromes



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