Come enjoy the great Craft Beers of Beijing Great Leap Brewing to support Harvest!

On tap (until we run dry):

-East City Porter 燕麥墨啤

-Cinnamon Rock Ale 肉桂冰糖

-Prosperer 盛世啤酒

-Hidden General IPA 不让舒眉IPA

-Edmund Backhouse Session Pils 北京隐士

-Rye Pale Ale #12 裸麦淡啤12號


时间/ Date: 5月22-24日 May 22-24

地点/ Location: 成都啤酒窝2, 餐吧 – The Beer Nest II, Bar & Kitchen

*地址/ Address: 人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万丽商业街1楼 South Renmin Rd. Section 4, Master Commercial St. 1F, 48 – 32


RMB 40/ pint – All proceeds go directly to Harvest Brewing 所售的全部收入将无条件交予王睿,作为再

Great Leap Brewing Take Take Over @ The Beer Nest II



East City Porter 燕麥墨啤

An oatmeal porter with notes of coffee and chocolate. Malty and full-bodied, this session ale could still dry out and knit a sweater with. Brewed with 100% local hops and 91% base and roasted malt and 9% impoGreat Leap east city porterrted specialty crystal malts from Germany.


Cinnamon Rock Ale 肉桂冰糖

The Cinnamon Rock Ale is an amber ale brewed with Vietnamese cinnamon (Cassia) and Chinese rock candy. An all season selection at Great Leap Brewing, the Cinnamon Rock Ale is made with 100% local base and roasted malts, 100% local (Xinjiang and Gansu) hops, and is perfect for all weather and has been a crowd favorite since we hung our shingle.

Great Leap cinnamon rock ale

Prosperer 盛世啤酒

Pale in color and made with 100% local malts and hops, the Prosperer is hoppy and light. The Prosperer is Great Leap Brewing’s American-style blonde ale with Chinese characteristics (get it?). The Prosperer isn’t a word, it’s a beer.

Great Leap prosperer

Hidden General IPA 不让舒眉IPA

The Hidden General India Pale Ale (不让舒眉IPA) is named after the legend of Hua Mulan, a rare female military hero in Chinese history. Her story is part myth and part oral history, but her impact on gender roles has been immeasurable. Our homage to this legend is a full bodied session IPA. The lightest IPA on our menu at 4.7% ABV and a color light golden color, the Hidden General is as deceptive as its inspiration. Full bodied and flavorful, we infused this mildly bittered IPA with a blend of Taiwanese roasted Oolong tea and dried chrysanthemum flowers to highlight the floral aromas of the hops, these work together to make this a wonderful summer addition to our IPA range.

Great Leap hidden general IPA

Edmund Backhouse Session Pils 北京隐士

This session pilsner is our second lagered beer and represents a style of Czech and German heritage. Brewed with a Citra aroma hop and a finished ABV of 4.5%, the Edmund Backhouse Session Pils is named after the infamous hermit historian living in Peking at the turn of the 20th century. Genius or plagiarist, prophet or pervert, there is nothing boring about Edmund Backhouse’s legacy in the pantheon of Beijing eccentricities. Drink this beer like you have something to hide.

Great Leap edmund backhouse pilsner

Rye Pale Ale #12 裸麦淡啤12

Rye Pale Ale #12 is brewed as a session style pale ale with 25% rye malt for medium bodied mouth feel and complex flavor, drinkable over a full evening. The rye adds a subtle spicy note while the Citra hops add tropical and citrus aromas.

brewmaster's choice



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