From 13 to 29 March, The Chengdu Bookworm will host the 9th Bookworm International Literary Festival, a forum for literature, thought and debate featuring writers, thinkers and performers from around the world. With both Chinese and English events as well as many in both languages, the wide-ranging program has something for everyone: from film screenings and high-energy performances to thought-provoking book talks and panel discussions. Improve your literary skills with workshops on travel writing, creative writing and translating fiction, and hear what established writers have to say, including Korean-American Chang-Rae Lee, French-Algerian Yasmina Khadra, outspoken Hong Kong writer Chan Koonchung and voices from around Asia including Wena Poon, Xu Xi and Ah Zhi.

Full program details:

黄柳霜死了! British performer and broadcaster Anna Chen launches the festival in Hollywood style with the story of a Chinese screen legend. Don’t miss Anna May Wong Must Die! Friday, 13 March, 7.30 pm (English 英文)

家庭文学竞猜 Family Literary Quiz – Teams of family and friends compete to see who knows their gruffalos from their grindelows. Saturday, 14 March, 3.00-5.00 pm (English 英文 / registration required 需提前报名)

英国的 “东方红” East of England Essex University lecturer Paul Anderson examines the history of communism in the UK. Saturday, 14 March, 6.30 pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)free entry

燕子和轮船的漂流之旅 Travels with Swallows and Ships – British author and journalist Horatio Clare takes us on a voyage of discovery with migrating swallows and container ships. Saturday, 14 March, 8.00 pm (English 英文)

陈忠纪录片放映会:横穿马路 – Jaywalking. Film-maker Zhong Chen presents a film screening and Q&A session. Sunday, 15 March, 2.00-4.30 pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)

盛可以:从荒诞的偏门进入小说 Experimental novelist Sheng Keyi discusses her hard-hitting novels Northern Girls and Death Fugue and her absurdist approach to fiction. Sunday, 15 March, 5.00 pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)

苦难重生 Surviving the Past: Polish non-fiction writer Wojciech Tochman discusses societies coming to terms with the aftermath of conflict, focusing on Rwanda, Bosnia and the Syrian border. Sunday,15 March, 7.30 pm (English 英文)

方慧娜带你在书中穿梭旅行 Genre-hopping and Globetrotting: Singaporean American writer Wena Poon on her latest book, Cafe Jause, and its Shanghai setting. Tuesday, 17 March, 6.30 pm(Chinese 中文)free entry

全球故事,亚洲生活 Global Stories, Asian Lives: Writers Wena Poon and Xu Xi reflect on the Chinese experience of transnationalism. Tuesday, 17 March, 8.00 pm (English 英文)

创意写作坊 A Writing Workshop led by Xu Xi, director of the MFA program at The City University of Hong Kong. Wednesday, 18 March, 5.30-7.30 pm (100rmb) (English 英文)

身份的同化与异化 Alienation and Assimilation: Cultural identity through two decades of the work of eminent Korean-American author Chang-Rae Lee. Wednesday, 18 March, 8.00 pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)

在荒乱与伤痛中求索 Quest For Meaning: In her novels Certainty and Dogs at the Perimeter, Madeleine Thien explores how people reconstruct their lives following personal loss, dislocation and the trauma of war. Thursday, 19 March, 6.30 pm(English 英文)

牛津大学教授谈第一次性解放 Oxford University academic Faramaz Dahoiwala discusses The First Sexual Revolution in his book The Origins of Sex. Thursday,19 March, 8.00 pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)

听Stephen Mooser讲奇幻故事(5-12岁儿童活动) A bilingual event for children aged 5 to 12 with prolific children’s author Stephen Mooser and his weird, true stories. Friday, 20 March, 10.00 am(Chinese/English 中/英文)Schools Welcome

成都国际学校诗歌朗诵比赛 Young poets from Chengdu’s international schools compete in a high-energy Kids’ Slam poetry competition. Friday, 20 March, 3.00-5.00 pm Elementary; 6.30-8.30 pm Secondary (English英文) free entry

Kim Thuy 的多元背景和多维声音 Unique Voices: Quebecois-Vietnamese author Kim Thuy on memory, sustenance and the immigrant experience. Friday, 20 March, 6.30 pm (English 英文) At Exuberant English, Renmin South Rd. Sec 4, Yujie East Rd 2-1

Zohab Zee Khan 带你走进诗歌现场 Don’t miss this lively performance by spoken word artist and Australian Slam Poetry Champion of 2014, Zohab Zee Khan. Friday, 20 March, 9.00 pm (English 英文)

青少年写作坊 Will Buckingham, author of Teach Yourself: Complete Write a Novel Course leads this workshop for young writers. Saturday, 21 March, 11am (Suitable for ages 12 to 17 / 适合12-17岁青少年 / English英文) Schools Welcome

为真理而战——伊斯兰在西方 War for Truth: Algerian-French writer Yasmina Khadra, author of The Swallows of Kabul, discusses Islam and the West and the roles of literature. Saturday, 21 March, 2.00 pm (Chinese/French 中/法文)

战争、移民与写作——加拿大籍黎巴嫩作家 Rawi Hage 的故事 The Immigrant Writer: Lebanese Canadian novelist Rawi Hage on the immigrant experience and the aftermath of war. Saturday, 21 March, 6.30pm (English 英文)

中国当代的青年与性” Jemimah Steinfeld 分享会 Little Emperors and Material Girls is billed as a book that will change the way you see China. Come and hear journalist Jemimah Steinfeld’s take on sex and youth in modern China. Saturday, 21 March, 8.00 pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)

旅游写作坊 Australian adventurer Tim Cope leads a Travel Writing Workshop focused on remembering, note-taking and journaling. Sunday, 22 March, 2.00-4.00 pm (100rmb) (English 英文)

哲学与故事的互动 Will Buckingham looks at the interaction of stories and philosophical ideas, focusing on his I Ching-inspired novel, Sixty-Four Chance Pieces. Sunday,22 March, 5.00 pm(Chinese/English 中/英文)free entry

游走于医学与写作之间 Bloodletting and Miracle Cures: Canadian author Vincent Lam on how he juggles writing and medicine. Sunday, 22 March, 7.30 pm (English 英文)

千里走单骑 Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles: a slideshow and talk by Tim Cope on his extraordinary Asian adventures by horse and bike. Monday, 23 March, 7.30pm (English 英文)

翻译工作坊 A workshop on the The Art of Translation, led by experienced translator Nicky Harman with novelist 颜歌 Yan Ge, focusing on selections from Yan Ge’s work. Tuesday,24 March, 7.00-9.00 pm(Chinese/English 中/英文)

文学前沿:文化的桥梁与壁垒 Literature Across Frontiers: Guadalupe Nettel from Mexico and Clare Azzopardi from Malta discuss cultural bridges and barriers with Alexandra Büchler. Wednesday, 25 March, 6.30pm (English 英文)

《雪和影》香港作家謝曉虹的故事 Hong Kong writer Dorothy Tse and her translator Nicky Harman discuss Dorothy’s bold and arresting story collection Snow and Shadow and the process of bringing it to life in English. Wednesday, 25 March, 8.00 pm(Chinese/English 中/英文)

短篇小说的艺术 The Art of the Short Story: British writer and Costa Short Story Prize winner Zoe Gilbert in conversation with Beijing-based writer and publisher 蒋一谈 Jiang Yitan. Thursday, 26 March, 6.30pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)

凉山之歌 Songs of Liangshan: Professor Qingchen Luo (阿库乌雾 Aku Wuwu) presents an evening of poetry and answers questions on Yi culture and mother tongue literature. Thursday, 26 March, 8.00pm (Chinese 中文)free entry

快乐儿童双语活动(5-12岁儿童活动)My Little Island: A bilingual event for children aged 5 to 12 with children’s author and illustrator Frané Lessac. Friday, 27 March, 10.00 am(Chinese/English 中/英文)Schools Welcome

《惜别》谈书会 A Reluctant Goodbye: Local writer 蒋蓝 Jiang Lan talks with essayist and commentator 止庵 Zhi An about his bestselling mediation on life and death. Friday, 27 March, 7.30pm (Chinese 中文)free entry

舒浩仑电影《黑白照片》放映会 Filmmaker Shu Haolun takes us to back to 1980s Shanghai with a screening of his bitter-sweet film No. 89 Shimen Road, followed by Q&A. Saturday, 28 March, 2.00 pm(Chinese/English 中/英文)

家园和鬼城-城市变迁的病斑 Hometowns and Ghost Cities: Two perspectives on urbanization and changing concepts of home in China, from non-fiction writers Wade Shepherd and 冉云飞 Ran Yunfei. Saturday, 28 March, 5.00 pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)

生活的梦境与现实 Dreamworlds and Reality: The unflinching worldview of Hong Kong’s 陈冠中 Chan Koonchung, seen through both fictional and non-fictional lenses. Saturday, 28 March, 7.30pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)

激情麦克风 Our popular annual Open Mic showcases local talent, with music, poetry and more. Saturday, 28 March, 9.00pm (Chinese/English 中/英文)free entry

街拍摄影工作坊 Join Ingrid Booz Morejohn for a Street Photography Workshop and learn how to get the most out of your Smartphone camera. Sunday, 29 March, 2.00-4.00 pm (English 英文)

一日一瞥,成都印象集 We close the festival with a slideshow, Q&A and book launch of Postcards from China, featuring Ingrid Booz Morejohn’s
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