• Chinese New Year is fast approaching – and by now you must know that coming together over good food, and loved ones plays a central role in all celebrations in China, and even if you’re not celebrating the Lunar New Year yourself, GILI’S and G’s are staying open, for the whole holiday, serving up breakfast, brunches, dinners, and great drinks – all with prices that won’t break the bank.

• There’s more good news, not only is GILI’S staying open, but there are now 4 branches so it’s even easier to pop by, or be in the delivery catchment area. Breakie is served!

GILI’S and G’s Restaurants

GILI’S Restaurants offer classic bistro favourites like pastas, salads, pizzas, desserts options, and other tasty offerings. The G’s Bistros focus on cafe-style all-day brunches, lunches, and brinners. Spanish omelet, shakshuka, eggs benedict, the sandwiches and pancakes are all all-time favorites. Their kitchen closes just after brinner (at 8pm), when it transitions into a bar until late. All venues have a wide array of drinks – Coffee, beer, wine, cocktails, and more.

If you’d like to spend one of the Chinese New Year days, exploring a new part of the city, GILI’S Waterfront and G’s Bistro LuxeTown are especially worth a visit. This is partly because of their supersized menu, but even more for their unique locations, perfect for when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

GILI’S Waterfront as the mini-island is surrounded by water and green, with open areas to hang out, games and activities nearby to keep the kids busy.

G’s Bistro LuxeTown is in the only Tuscan-style town in China, built especially to transport you straight back to Europe. The development is filled with streams, waterfalls, and greenery, to give you that out-of-town feeling, with walking trails to follow.

Chinese New Year

Several of their venues are able to host for large events, children’s parties, corporate dinners, offsite days away, farewells, and welcome backs – live band included! Scan below for group deals, bookings and MOOOOORE!

Most GILI’S and G’s are open daily during the Chinese New Year holiday, so what are you waiting for. Get your friends together, check out the adjusted opening hours below, and really treat yourself this holiday season.

GILI’S Restaurants

Locations & Adjusted Opening Times

GILI’S Tongzilin 其心•桐梓林
Daily, 11am-9:30pm (Feb. 9-13 until 8pm)
9 South Tongzilin Road, Wuhou District

GILI’S TieXiang Temple 其心•铁像寺水街
Daily, 11am-9pm (Feb. 9-13 open until 8pm)
NO. 116 Shenghua North Rd., Gaoxin District
Tiexiang Temple Riverfront Phase 2

GILI’S Luxe Lakes 麓坊中心
Daily, 11am-9pm (closed Feb. 9-11, Feb. 12-13 open until 8pm)
180 Jiazhou Road, Shuangliu District


GILI’S Waterfront 其心•麓滨
Daily, 11am-9pm (Feb. 9-13 open until 8pm)
Luhu Middle Road West No. 888, Luxelakes Eco City, Luxelakes Gourmet Island Phase II-A2, Tianfu New District

G’s Bistro Tongzilin 其悦咖啡吧•紫荆
Daily, 11am-8pm (closed Feb. 9-11, Feb. 12-13 open until 8pm)
18 Zijing East Road, Gaoxin District

G’s Bistro LuxeTown 其悦咖啡吧•麓镇
Daily, 11am-8pm (closed Feb. 9-11, Feb. 12-13 open until 8pm)
Tianfu New District, Luxehills Avenue Section 2, No. 18-3, LuxeTown Building 9


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