Many dental clinics in Chengdu provide service in English. We make a selection of decent dental clinics for you.


Gleneagles Hospital Dentist 成都鹰阁医院

Opened end of 2019, Gleneagles Hospital Chengdu is a modern facility with an experienced care team comprising specialists, nurses and allied health professionals, these hospitals cater to the healthcare needs of medical travelers and local communities alike.


Building A2, No. 5333, Jinxiu Road (next to East Railway Station), Chenghua District, Chengdu.





Mon. – Fri. 08:00-17:00


Global Doctor Dental Studio 环球医生

Global Doctor Chengdu Dental Studio is based in the Global Doctor Chengdu Medical Center, upgraded equipment and treatment area as the international standard, intergraded into a high-quality dental team.

Global Doctor Chengdu Dentists come from Taiwan, American, Singapore, Thailand. All of them have various international clinical experience in dental treatment. Global Doctor Chengdu Dental Studio follows western high-standard from application of dental materials to customer service. Additionally, in order to make patients have more comfortable and humanized dental experience at Global Doctor Chengdu, we set up the false tooth service at renewed dental studio.

Global Doctor Chengdu dentists regularly attend various refresher courses.


2F, South area of Lippo Tower, Kehua North Road, Wuhou District



Monday – Friday: 09:00-18:00;

Saturday: 09:00-17:000




JinQin (Golden Harp) International Dental Clinic 金琴牙科

[Note that Peter Torres is currently abroad and unable to return] Jinqin Dental’s international department for Foreigners is composed of international and domestic specialists team. Contact Dr. Peter Torres via WeChat for further information.

Jinqin Dental is a private dental network in Chengdu, Sichuan. Founded in 1997, a pioneer in China’s private dental service industry. Today, Jinqin Dental have five clinics over Chengdu with more than 18 years of experience in providing high-quality dental services. Jinqin Dental offer you and your family comprehensive dental care from preventative services to cosmetic dentistry.

Jinqin Dental’s international department for foreigners is composed of international and domestic specialists team. Contact Dr. Peter Torres via WeChat for further information.

Tel: 15208383972

WeChat: DrPTorres


 Wuhou clinic: No.96 Section 1 West, 2nd Ring road Across Shuangnan Ito Yokado 二环路西一段96号(双楠伊藤洋华堂对面)


Yafei Dental  亚非牙科旗舰诊所



Flagship Clinic: 2-3/F, Annes of Roman Internatioanl Building, 18 Qinglong St. 四川省成都市青羊区青龙街18号罗马国际大厦裙楼2楼(市三医院旁)

Dashijie Clinic: 1 Xinguang Road Guannan, Utopia Building 5, 301新光路1号;观南上域;5号楼301号(裙楼3楼)

Niuwangmiao Clinic: 147-151, Hongshun Street宏顺街147,151号

Shuangnan Clinic:9 Shuangnan Road, Zhixin Plaza 4th Floor双楠路9号置信广场4楼

Qingjiang Clinic: 51, Qingjiangxi Road, Zhongda Junyuejie 302-303青羊区清江西路51号中大君悦西街302、303室(近紫荆电影院)

Tel: 4006520320


ADG dental 茁悦口腔

English service is available. You can make an appointment one day before so that ADG dental will arrange English service for you.


Gaoxin Clinic: 722, Yizhou Ave. Fucheng International Plaza Tower 1, 7th Floor成都市高新区益州大道复城国际T1-7楼

Libao Clinic: 62, North Kehua Road, Libao Building tower 1, 2nd floor 17-21.成都市武侯区科华北路62号1栋2层17-21号(力宝大厦)

Wenjiang Clinic: 2nd Floor Zhujiang Plaza.成都市温江区珠江广场写字楼2楼(伊藤洋华堂侧门)



Tel: 400-850-8804


Pearl Dental 圣贝牙科

English Interpreters are at service in the clinic.

Wuhou Clinic: 2, Longteng Dong Road, Dufu Garden Business Building 1st floor成都市武侯区龙腾东路2号杜甫花园商务楼一层

Gaoxin Clinic: 60, West Guixi street, 1-3. 成都市高新区桂溪西街60号1栋1-5层3号



Rytime Dental 瑞泰口腔医院

Most of their staff are English speaking.


Wuhou Clinic: 51-21, South Renmin Road 4th Section. 武侯总院:人民南路四段(省肿瘤医院旁)

Beisen Clinic: 43, South beisen Road. 青羊贝森分院:贝森南路(优品道加油站旁) 

Wanda Clinic: No.1, North 1st Ring Road Section 3, Wanda Plaza 2nd Floor. 金牛万达分院:金牛万达广场2号门2楼

Diamond Clinic: No. 10, Jianshe Road, Diamond Plaza 2nd Floor 成华钻石分院:建设路钻石广场2楼

Yintai Clinic: 1999, Yizhou Ave. Yintai Center, 2nd Floor.高新银泰分院:天府四街银泰城2楼 



Tel: 4006980079



Maison Dental Clinic 美成齿科

Dentist provides English services, however you must make this clear when you reserve.

Tel: 028-87506655
Address: No.88, Shengbang Street, Huijin Plaza C Block 3rd Floor 汇锦广场C座三楼



Ide Dental Clinic 井手齿科


Reservation is needed. Most staff can speak English and Japanese.

Tel: 028-62433711

Address: Chunxi Road, Isetan Mall, 7th Floor.成都市锦江区春熙路伊势丹百货7楼


Harmony Dental 和睦牙科

Address: 3 Ruiming St. West 2nd Fangcao St. Wuhou District 武侯区瑞名街3号

Tel: 028-85317899


Tang’s Dental 唐牙科


Tel: 4006969839,



Hongwasi Clinic: 9 South Sction 1st, 1st Ring Rd. 一门诊: 一环路南一段9号红瓦寺门诊;

Yulin Clinic: 12 Nijiaqiao Rd. 二门诊: 倪家桥路12号玉林门诊;

Zijing Clinic: 79 West Zijing Rd. 三门诊: 紫荆西路79号紫荆门诊;

Haijiaoshi Clinic: 15 Haijiaoshi St. 四门诊: 海椒市街15号海椒市门诊;

Shuangnan Clinic: 31 Qingrong Rd., WaiShuangnan 五门诊: 外双楠情融路31号双楠门诊;

Qingyang Temple Clinic: 81 upper Qingyang St. 六门诊: 青羊上街81号青羊宫门诊;

Jinsha Clinic: 77-1 Jinyang Rd. 七门诊: 金阳路77号附1号金沙门诊;

WaiShuang Nan Clinic: 51 Xixia Rd. 八门诊: 外双楠柄霞路37号外双楠门诊;

WaiShuang Nan Clinic: 3/F 137 South Jinji Rd. 九门诊: 晋吉南路137号3楼晋阳门诊;

Guanghua Clinic: 1-2, 17 Jiayuan Rd. 十门诊: 家园路17号附1-2号光华门诊;

Xinhong Clinic: 83 Xiaolongqiao Rd. 十一门诊: 小龙桥路83号新鸿门诊


Aurora Dental 极光口腔

General head dentist Dr. Douglas Ness has been a practising dentist for 24 years. A native of southern California, he graduated one of the top in his class at Loma Linda University.


Tel: 18608028345

Address: 7 Xinguanghua Street South Renmin Road 1st Section, 6th Floor Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Building 人民南路一段 新光华街7号 航天科技大厦6F(仁恒置地旁)


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