The weather transitioned from hot and dry to cold and wet. Whilst the sun took a little breather, Chengdu’s active group of street photographers got busy.

Here is Chengdu this September through their lens…

Is it Time to Dig out your Jacket?


The Streets are always Lively


  Taking it Easy


Chengdu Street Jungle


The Fast Pace of Chengdu


 Are You Ready For the Rain?


Chengdu’s Old Industrial Buildings


As Night Falls…


The Starry Night


Is this the End of the Summer Sun?


Work Hard, Play Hard


The city comes to Life at Night


Account of the Month


Nick is a photographer based in China, currently living in Chengdu. Photography is his hobby and he enjoys capturing the beauty of the city. He is fascinated by urban landscapes and the interesting architectural structures throughout Chengdu.

Are you a budding Chengdu photographer?

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