The top 10 WeChat Groups guaranteed to keep you in the loop in the ‘Du.

Love or hate the constant notifications and occasional spamming from WeChat groups, there’s not many of us that could survive in Chengdu without them because some are seriously obscene (The Yellow Fever group I’m looking at you) whilst others are a little niche (Chengdu Cat Appreciators) however they all play a part in keeping us up-to-date and entertained.


Chengdu Foodies

The focus of this foodie circle is to discuss food in Chengdu and share where to find bargains therefore now numerous restaurant owners, hotels and bars offer discounts in their kitchens for group members.

What we say:
This is undoubtedly one of our favourite groups on WeChat because you can get some real steals in some of Chengdu’s finest eateries and on delivery services too. One of our favourite offers is the 98RMB Dim Sum Brunch at Niccolo’s Yue Hin Restaurant (T&Cs apply, show your phone before ordering)  great for impressing someone special for Sunday brunch. Other great deals can be found at Rumba, Art House, JING bar, Johnny 5s and other delivery services. However… it must be said, the real joy from this group is from all the foodie infighting: on the menu it says ibérico ham BUT THERE’S NO WAY THAT PIG WAS FED ON ACORNS – so you better know your foie gras from your fougasse! Also, hurry this group only has 40 places left!

What they say:
You must show your phone to staff or management.
Only for Chengdu Food Finders Group.
Please note you can not add to any other promotional offers.
Please post a review and picture on TripAdvisor
You can only advertise in this group if you supply a discount.
Don’t be sly and try to advertise indirectly.
If you would like to advertise in this group PM me directly.
This group was originally set up for people who found bargains or discounts on western food, but it has evolved. If you as an individual find a bargain or discount either in a supermarket or restaurant please post.
Please be polite and courteous to other group members.

Funny Videos Pics Stickers

hengdu-expat funnyvideospicsstickers

This group does exactly what it says on the tin, shares amusing videos, pictures and WeChat stickers.

What we say:
This group is definitely a guilty pleasure of the Chengdu-Expat team and we seem to find ourselves flicking through the latest bad taste jokes and stickers whenever our thumbs are even a little bit idle. This group, run by a certain well known Chengdu funny-man is full of China-related humour that never fails to hit the spot! Warning: some of the jokes are more than a little bit naughty.

What they say

This group is ONLY for funny videos, pics and stuff, NO SPAM; Job ads; Event Promos. Keep it simple. Cheers.

Chengdu Expats

chengdu-expat-chengdu-expatsA general purpose community group for expats living in Chengdu.

What we say:
This group was started a few years ago in Chengdu and is extremely useful if you want to ask general questions about Chengdu, find a hairdresser, sell your things, find an apartment – it’s a good place to ask to be placed into other groups or have someone’s contact card shared.

What they say:
Thank you for joining the Chengdu Expat group. The main goal of this group is to strengthen the expat community here in Chengdu. Get to know new people, share your knowledge, give your opinion, help each other out, etc.. but most importantly respect each other. Please use only English as everyone here speaks mainly English. Discrimination, ads, job posts and stickers are forbidden and will result in a direct ban from the group.

Feel free inviting your friend over and thank you for respecting the group rules!

CD-Expat Buy & Sell

A forum for buying and selling mostly used or difficult to find items in Chengdu.

What we say:
Living in a community where people’s average stay is only a year or two, there is a constant stream of people leaving. But equally this means there are always new people appearing hoping to set up shop, needing new things, so the market for second hand goods in Chengdu is great – this group is useful if you’re looking to buy or sell a bike, a coffee machine, furniture, your old HSK books and more.

What they say:
Well, Hello!  This is an English speaking group – Please use common sense and keep conversation on topic . If not, you’re out. Many thanks!


Activities in Chengdu

This group is for advertising events, trips, activities, exhibitions and workshops in Chengdu.

What we say:
Being a member of this group is a great way to never have a dull moment in this city! They list lots of club nights, special drink offers in bars, weekend trips away, sports events and more. We do sometimes wonder if there is anyone listening in this group, or if it’s just people pushing their own events, but useful none the less.

What they say:
Hello everyone: please share events, activities, workshops, exhibitions, sports or what ever else is going on in Chengdu in this group. 🙂


Chengdu Veg. Power 素式义者

A group for vegetarians and vegans in Chengdu.

What we say:
If you are a vegetarian in Chengdu, and you’ve grown tired of every vegetable dish you order coming with a sprinkling of mystery meat,  this may be the group for you. This is a new group, but already has 100 members, so fear not – you are not alone! This community recommends vegetarian restaurants (both Western and Chinese) and exchanges general food tips for healthy vegetarian living.

What they say:
Veg. Power 素食注意者 is a group for veggies and vegans in Chengdu and all around. This is a friendly group for omnis who are interested in this lifestyle. Feel free to invite who you want, this group aims to exchange tips, recipes, addresses, experiences and Love. Tolerance is the word, 英文和中文都能用,let’s have a bite of this all together, and most important, you are not alone.

Cd-Expat Sports

chengdu-expat-sports-groupThis is a relatively new group for finding out about sporting equipment and activities in Chengdu.

What we say:
This group is strictly moderated by the Chengdu-Expat team and is a forum to ask questions about where to find facilities, equipment and a place to find out about sporting events. The best thing about this group, is you can normally find like minded people to go hiking, swimming or bike riding with. There is a strict restriction on 1 post per event rule, so it’s not too spammy!

What they say:
Well, Hello!  This is an English speaking group – Please use common sense and keep conversation on topic . If not, you’re out. Many thanks!

Chengdu Q&A

A WeChat group to get any question you want answered about the city.

What we say:

This group is best for newcomers to the city to help themselves get acquainted with life in chengdu. No question is deemed to stupid so feel free to ask away as your questions will be answered as straight forward as simple as you like from experienced Chengduers.

CD-Expat Jobs (No teaching/Modelling)

A group to advertising jobs, with the exception of teaching and modelling.

What we say:
This is a great place to look or advertise for specialist workers such as translators and artists, outside of the usual white face teaching or modelling jobs in most other job groups – it’s very tightly moderated. Note, there is another Chengdu-Expat run group that is specifically geared towards teaching if that is what you are looking for.

What they say:
Like with all Chengdu-Expat run  groups – Well, Hello!  This is an English speaking group – Please use common sense and keep conversation on topic . If not, you’re out. Many thanks!

Because China.

A group to remind you of the insanity that is China.

What we say:
The fact you’ve just read a whole article about the best WeChat groups in Chengdu means you already appreciate the wackier side of China. This group shares pictures, sights, memes and stories about the daily insanity that unfolds on China’s streets; a man dangling his baby into a tiger enclosure, an employee sitting in the freezer at Wowo on his laptop or the many Chinglish signs around Chengdu. Because…China.

What they say:
Nothing. There are clearly no words necessary.

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Author: Adrien Chengdu-Expat

The "IT" of CD Expat Team.Also Photographer , Dj & Web Developer/DesignerIn Chengdu Since 2012.

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