Female White Cat Needs A New Home!

Female White Cat Needs A New Home!

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    Hello, I have a 4 year old White Short haired cat named Persimmon, she has grown up all her life indoors and with other cats, mostly males. She is docile, shy at times and independent. (unless you have delicious food on you).

    She’s been a mother twice and currently is living with her 4 week old kittens. Her health is great and she has a strong body. My Busy fiancé and I currently have two cats at home (Qingyang District) and Persimmon lives with Grandma 40 minutes away from Chengdu City. Because Grandma is 80 years old, she is having a hard time taking care of Persimmon AND her Adult daughter (from her first litter) as well as the new Kittens, The kittens are easier to find a home but we are hoping to find a caring, independent new owner for Persimmon. She is a short eared cat so her only needs are to be cleaned regularly (inside her ears) and given food and water as usual. We are able to meet and send her your way if you live in Chengdu. You can contact me through WeChat (Search: Kericheri) let me know if you are interested in adopting her. ( I can send you photos through messaging.)

    Add me on WeChat: kericheri

    or Email: Yayababy96@outlook.com

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