More flight updates have been announced for planes arriving to and departing from China:

 14 days prior to the flight


Requirements to Board A Flight to China Where to find it: Search in Wechat for the mini-app 防疫健康码国际版 (Pinyin: Fangyi JianKang ma GuoJi ban) *If your flight departs from one of these countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UK, and the US.


3-5 days prior to the flight

Health Declaration (obtained with COVID Test)

*Required if your flight departs from or transits in a country listed on this website:


Step 1: Check on the Chinese consulate website in the country you are in for a list of approved testing centres

Step 2: Go to the testing centre within 3-5 days of your flight and complete a COVID test

Non-Chinese CitizensChinese Citizens
Step 3: Return the COVID test result and filled out a health declaration form to the Chinese Consulate.Step 4: Receive the consulate stamped health declaration form and bring it to check-in for your flight. *Sample of health declaration form on the last page*Upload your COVID test to the mini-app 防疫健康码国际版 section B


How is the 72hrs counted? 

From <The time the COVID PRC test report is issued> to your <Boarding time flight for to China> if you are transiting in countries that require a test, the health declaration should be still valid and within the 72hrs during your transit.

*Check the official website of the Chinese consulate in your located country for most updated details*

Day of Departure

Required for everyone (No matter where you depart from, what your citizenship, or age, everyone must fill this out) You need to fill this out for your child as well. Just screenshot the end screen each time.

This code is only valid for 24hrs, if you have a long flight or multiple transits, it would be ideal to fill it in at the transit city prior to arriving in China, or after landing in China (if your mobile phone will have internet connection to fill out this form)

When is this Customs Health Form code checked?

After landing in China, when you disembark the plane and when you take the COVID PCR test at the airport.

At Pudong Airport near luggage claim, there is a Chinese mobile shop where you can buy a Chinese SIM in case yours has been deactivated due to no usage for over 3 months.

After landing in Pudong, you will be asked to fill in another form which is required by the Airport Authority. How to get this form: Scan any QR code from the stands you see after luggage claim How to fill in for kids: Fill the form in multiple times, screenshot the end screen When is it checked: At your district desk (after luggage claim, when you get assigned your quarantine hotel) Before exiting the airport (getting onto the gov organized bus for your quarantine hotel)

Health Declaration form (Sample)

**This document is for reference only as policies can change. Please refer to gov websites for the latest information.


How to Use Chengdu’s Health App


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