Around the world, people have lost their jobs as companies feel the pinch because of Covid-19. We’re all aware the economic effects may be far worst than previous times of conflict, or The Great Depression. Whilst a lot of us feel lucky to currently be in China, where things are beginning to bounce back – In Chengdu, shops, gyms, restaurants, bars, hotels, schools and more businesses have really suffered.

On February 21st, we launched our  Put your ¥ where your ♥ is  campaign, to support your Chengdu favourites. Long press on the poster below to extract the QR code and discover new places, then click on the venue name to find their contact details.

As Chengdu is a city with such a vibrant culinary scene, it’s great to see the city’s restaurant and bar scene springing back to life. Many of us who spent most of our time at home over the last few months are now out and about visiting bars and restaurants. There’s nothing like tables spilling out over the sidewalks, and baijiu inspired altercation outside of a hotpot, to make you feel alive!

Recently the government has published some new legislation to support food and beverage businesses, like the local government now allowing restaurants to occupy seats on roads outside, to allow space for social distancing. In a recent report of China Global Television Network (CGNT), Wei Lynn Tang shows us how restaurants in Chengdu are doing recently. Check it out:

As you can see in the video above, this local Chengdu favourite “Chuan Chuan” is close to a full house during China’s Labour Day holiday. This popular Chuan Chuan restaurant reopened to take in customers over a month ago. This one store now makes about 10-thousand Yuan or 1,400 US dollars on a daily basis — a more than 60 percent recovery from an average day before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. “We are not worried because we already came in close contact with many colleagues at work, so eating out with friends is no longer an issue. Plus dining outdoors is better than indoors”, the owner said.

It is however goods to see signs of normality returning. However it must be mentioned that the Chuan Chuan featured above is still yet to see their post-pandemic consumption matched. And many other businesses haven’t been as lucky, and have had to close their doors. So here’s a little reminder to keep supporting small businesses in Chengdu.  Whether it’s your favourite Italian restaurant, your local ma and pa noodle joint, or independent, or speciality shops;  Put your ¥ where your ♥ is.

Sources: Chengdu-Expat, CGTN.

Together we are stronger.

Stay safe Chengdu!

Graphics by Studio Hu 糊画设计工作室 
Author: CdExpat_Team


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