If you’re finding the grey, icy, winter months in Chengdu tough to bear, do like the locals and head for the rejuvenating hot thermal waters that run deep beneath the province. The facilities in Chengdu and the surrounding regions range from scenic outdoor baths to brightly lit, jam-packed indoor pools, all varying in quality and ambience. Hot springs in China can get very busy (and unpleasant) on national holidays and weekends – so be sure to call ahead. 

Here are some options to thaw out your toes and soak yourself in some local culture:

Howard Johnson Conference Resort Chengdu


The perfect end to a long hike on Qingcheng Mountain, is the Howard Johnson Resort, just a stone’s throw from Qingcheng Shan high-speed train station. The Qingcheng Taoism Hot Spring has a large indoor pool, 50 outdoor pools, and 4 VIP hot spring villas. There’s a special spa, traditional food massage, a Taoism wooden bath, outdoor forest spa, and under floor heating. You can visit for the day or stay in the hotel overnight – they offer breakfast and dinner buffets. Big plus is that they speak English.

Opening Hours:

Mondays – Thursdays: 13:00-23:00 | ​Fridays: 13:00-24:00 | Saturdays: 10:00-24:00 | Sundays: 10:00-234.00

Hot Spring Ticket Price:

Normal 258RMB per person (Dianping 168RMB)


(028)88988888, (028)87198999


No.88 Qingcheng Taoqingcheng Avenue, Dujiangyan

Getting there:

High-speed train to Qingcheng shan
Around 1 hour and 30 minutes by car

Emei Mountain Lingxiu Hot Springs



Hot springs are dotted around the base of Emei Shan, so it’s a little difficult to select one out of the mix. But the design, ambiance, and quality at the enormous Lingxiu Hot Springs make it worth mentioning. At dusk, the famous mist of Emei Mountain glides over the springs and multi-colored lights brighten up the place – if it’s too much natural beauty for you…

Emei Mountain Lingxiu Hot Springs

After a day of hiking the unforgiving stairs of Emei Shan, there’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in a hot pool and taking in that sight… although visibility isn’t guaranteed.

Opening Hours:


Hot Spring Ticket Price:

Kids 80RMB, Adults 248RMB (138RMB on Dianping)

Getting there:

Highspeed trains run frequently from Chengdu South Railway Station 火车南站 or Xipu Station犀浦站 to Emei Mountain station 峨眉山站. Then take the 12 Bus to Da Jiu Dian Station 大酒店站.


Tel: 0833 5590 370

HuaShuiWan Hot Springs


If you’re planning on going skiing in Xiling Mountain (or rafting in the summer), this nearby town in Dayi county, is famous for hot springs. Just 20km away from snow mountain and about 75km from downtown Chengdu, many of the hotels here have their own hot spring pools with mountain backdrops. In the spring there are decent hikes to be had in the surrounding regions.

Quality and prices of the hot springs vary a lot in Huashuiwan, but the average price for hot spring is from 150-250RMB per person.

Getting there:

There is a direct bus connection from Xinnanmen Bus Station
Around 1 hour and 40 minutes by car

Huashuiwan Haosheng Bailetang Hot Spring


Opening Hours:

Daily, 09:00 – 23:00

Hot Spring Ticket Price:

150RMB per person (Dianping 98RMB)




No. 2 Wucheng Road, Huashuiwan Village, Dayi


Zhongtie Huashuiwan Four Seasons Hot Spring


Opening Hours:

Daily, 11:00 – 23:00

Hot Spring Ticket Price:

239RMB per person (Dianping 129RMB)




No.174 Wucheng Road, Huashuiwan Village, DAyi


Guergou Ramada Hot Springs



Just 4 hours drive from Chengdu, Guergou Ramada hot spring resort is located in the beautiful scenery Lixian.  Rooted in the famous Tibetan and Qiang culture corridor in Aba prefecture, the place is rich in folk customs and cultural scenery, bringing a unique cultural experience for every tourist.

The hotel relies on the snow-capped mountain, where you can enjoy natural thermal mineral spring and healing at the same time.

Opening Hours:

Daily, 09:00-22:30

Hot Spring Ticket Price:

Kids 109RMB, Adults 268RMB (198RMB on Dianping)

Not including an overnight stay in the hotel


No.33 Wenquan Road, Lixian, Aba Prefecture

Getting there:

Daily bus from Chadianzi 茶店子 to Guergo 古尔沟


Tel: 0837-6826666

Shulechi Hot Spring 蜀乐池温泉

Without leaving the city, there is a large hot spring destination in Wenjiang, fulfilling the leisure dreams of Chengdu residents during holidays-Shulechi. The hot spring water at Shulechi is drawn from a geothermal source 2,050 meters underground in the Jurassic geological layer. Among the 46 hot spring pools, the standout feature is the parent- child cave hot spring area spanning over 2,000 square meters. Passing through the“sci-fi sky” and “dreamy river”, entering the cave along the hot spring water, feels like wandering into an underwater dragon palace. It adds a touch of novelty, catering to both children and the “young at heart”.
The most crucial aspect of Shulechi is the character “Le” (joy), which does not only refer to the joy of the hot springs. Being at Shulechi, besides relaxing in the hot springs, there are also leisure activities such as movie screenings, table tennis, and a children’s playground. Spending the Spring Festival here with the family is indeed a good choice.

Shulechi i is the nearest hot spring resort from Chengdu city. It is located in the Wenjiang district. It has more than 40 pools and areas for food and kids’ facilities.


Opening hours:

10 am – 12pm

Hot Spring Ticket Price:

from 138RMB


No. 619, Fenghuang North Street, Wenjiang District


Tel: 028-82789999


White Horse Hot Spring 隐泉·温泉体验中心

A hidden countryside retreat, on the outskirts of Chengdu (Jintang district), the White Horse Hot Spring derives its name from a local legend. The legend says a farmer caught sight of a horse in the distance, followed it, but it vanished into the ground. The farmer dug into the field looking for the horse, and clear springs emerged, and the village was blessed with fertile soil.

Thus hot spring centre features twenty-one pools with different scents, and therapeutic effects. It’s build with ’antique-style” Chinese carved beams… Giddy-up!

Opening hours: 10:00-23:00

Address: No.36,Haiquanwan Road. Guancang Sub-district, Jintang County.

Tel: 028-60217777


Within Chengdu

If you’re looking for a healing hit of thermal waters inside the city, there are several options in Chengdu, but these 2 are our favourites:

 Tang Leyuan 汤乐源 

This bathhouse in the South West of Chengdu is modeled on a Japanese onsen, complete with kimono print pajamas and hot stone rooms. They have inside and outside pools (the indoor pools are segregated by gender) and offer a ‘Japanese style’ seafood buffet, big lounge chairs for staying the night and massage services. It’s extremely clean and really quite fun.

Note that this bathhouse requires original passport upon registration, and foreigners, unfortunately, aren’t allowed to stay after midnight.

Opening hours:

24 hours

Hot Spring Ticket Price:

228rmb (incl. breakfast, hot spring & seafood buffet)

139rmb (incl. breakfast and hot spring)



No.10 South Keyuanyi Road

 Herijun Hot Springs Hotel 何日君温泉酒店 

Right by Nijiaqiao stop on The Metro Line 1, this bathhouse-hot spring hybrid is known amongst the expat community in Chengdu. There are hot and cold pools and steam rooms and saunas. There are comfy movie chairs and a children’s area for you to take a load off – and of course, there is an area to play Mahjong and cards. They also seem to have a newer bathouse next to far from Wanda Plaza in east Chengdu (净居寺南街88号).

Opening hours: 24 hours

Hot Spring Ticket Price: Around 150RMB


2-8 Nijia Qiao Lu, Renmin Nan Lu, Section 4, Wuhou District



028 8555 3230



A note on Chinese hot spring etiquette:

Changing rooms and inside pools are usually separated by gender, and some require you to be naked – so it’s best to call before you visit if this is something you are not comfortable with.

Outdoor pools are communal, so shower before entering. Natural thermal springs may smell strongly of sulfur – which is why they’re attributed to having healing properties, but this varies between pools with different mineral makeups. Be warned that hot springs are often very busy during weekends and especially on national holidays – and can feel a little like a human hot pot, so go early to avoid crowds.