This year has been a tough one for many expats and local people here in China. We travel less, miss more food from home more, and spend more time in the city.

The good news is, we’ve got to know sweet Chengdu better; new restaurants, hidden alleys, undiscovered treasures… And our last 成都Eats, we mentioned new kid on the Block; Tom’s Diner. They have expanded their menu with items that are not traditionally found in diners, and they promise us that’s a good thing…

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Here’s what William, owner of Tom’s Diner has to say about his new dishes:

New Burgers

Roanne “Sous Vide” Fillet Steak Burger

Sous Vide (temperature controlled cooking in sealed vac-packs) was invented in 1974, human has continued to be a mainstay in fine-cooking. Now, at Tom’s Diner sous vide a Fillet from a 140 days grain fed black Angus, and put that Fillet all in a burger. Having Fillet has never been easier than that, all you gotta do is take it by hand and bite.

Gascogne Shattered Rougié Confit de Canard Burger

Using Confit de Canard from Rougié, and potato slices processed with duck oil, along with Orange Mustard which has “FRANCE” all written over its face, this may be the most rebellious burger of all time.

New Hotdogs

Michigan Mafia Boss Hotdog

Classical Michigan hotdog with 100% Beef sausage (seasoned in Italian Style), and their famous Bolognese/Ragù Sauce.

Shanghai Red Braised Pork Belly with Nuts in Hotdog

Nuts & Red Braised Pork Belly, classical combination in the autumn of Shanghai.

High Tea Selections

St. Augustine Orange & Cream Bagel

Inspired by St. Augustine Orange n’ Cream Moonshine, classical flavor combination, excellent for high tea.

Alba Nutella Cream & Banana Bagel

After countless times of experiments, the perfect ratio of Nutella and Cream are finally found, along with the unique fragrance of banana, which will become the memory for lifetime.

Incroyable Pain Perdu #110

A dessert that all French moms master, while they all have different methods to do. Anyway, the point is always that both sides are just about to be burnt but not and being soft on the inside. Simple ingredients, clean layers of tastes, both represent the love from your family.

Tuna, Corns, Eggs and Avocado, 4th Earl of Sandwich

John Montagu will be happy that something finally can take over his title.

Wakayama Umei, Shiso and Eggplant Quiche

A great example of how everything can be put into quiche. It’s like a lovely kid, whose dad is from France while mom is Japanese.

Pan-Fried Argentina Red Shrimp with Herbs & Spices

Jumbo pan-fried Argentinian red shrimp, with herbs & spices being carefully selected and mixed. 2 pcs per serving.

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