After two years of thorough preparation in London as well as in Chengdu, on 31st August, SPGS International School Chengdu opened its doors to its first cohort of students and began a promising and exciting year. The School is built on a close partnership with the UK’s world-renowned St Paul’s Girls’ School (SPGS) to incorporate the most outstanding aspects of the St Paul’s education and ethos.


The official Opening Ceremony honoured the successful collaboration of St Paul’s Girls’ School, the UK Government, the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government and the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Management Committee. It also recognised the opening of SPGS International School Chengdu as another milestone in developing high-quality, international and modern education within Chengdu’s Hi-Tech District. This long-awaited moment was celebrated on our brand-new campus and gathered founding families and staff as well as representatives from the Chengdu Government, Hi-Tech Zone Government and the UK Government. Unable to attend in person due to COVID travel restrictions, Sarah Fletcher, High Mistress of St Paul’s Girls’ School, Sarah Fletcher, Qin Li, CEO of Shengbo International China, Qin Li, and Peter Hawksworth, Incoming Headmaster-designate Headmaster, sent their congratulations via video messages.

The Opening Ceremony celebrated the beginning of a new, exciting journey of “learning and discovery” for SPGS International students who will be guided by an exceptional team of qualified and professional educators. This momentous occasion was marked by heart-felt speeches delivered by our distinguished guests who expressed their gratitude and pride in the achievement. Below are excerpts from their speeches.


VIP Speeches

Mr. Chen Hongtao

Deputy Director-General of Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Management Committee

SPGS International School Chengdu is the first K12 school for expat families in the Hi-Tech Zone and is one of the key elements in creating a global business environment for Chengdu. It is also the first overseas international school from St Paul’s Girls’ School in London. I believe that the combination of these two firsts will lead to unprecedented success. I hope that no matter where the students from SPGS International School Chengdu go in the future, they will first consider themselves responsible global citizens who contribute to their community both local and worldwide.


Mr. Raj Maan

Consul, Trade and Investment at British Consulate General Chongqing 

I am absolutely delighted to be here today at the SPGS International School Chengdu Opening Ceremony. Education is a core focus of the UK and China’s relationship. Education runs close to the heart of our countries. It is about our children’s knowledge, our culture, our character and ultimately, our future. I understand the importance of wanting to build the best possible foundation for your children to build on for future success; and that of course starts with an investment and access to the best quality education which SPGS International offers. Chengdu, as one of the most innovative cities in China, is a place where culture, education and technology are thriving, a city full of history and modern lifestyles.  We believe the opening of SPGS International School Chengdu will further support the government’s strategy to make Chengdu even more international and attract global talents into the city.

Sarah Fletcher

High Mistress of St Paul’s Girls’ School

St Paul’s Girls’ School is an extraordinary school focused on developing a love of learning within a highly supportive environment. Our students leave the school well equipped to navigate an increasingly interconnected world. We are excited to share this vision with our Chengdu sister school and look forward to working closely with the team in Chengdu to bring this vision to life.

Qin Li

CEO of Shengbo International China

It has been an exciting and challenging 20 months since the launch of this project by the Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone Management Committee and British Consulate General Chongqing. 1st September 2021 will be a joy to us all – the start of a journey to deliver our commitments and to achieve our mission.  On a personal level, I am especially proud that the first SPGS International School is in Chengdu, the city where I was born and raised. Chengdu is an incredibly special place, a city full of history, culture, nature and creativity, and most of all a city with a big heart. 

Phil Farrier-Price

Head of Junior School of SPGS International School Chengdu

I am extremely proud to be representing the world-renowned St Paul’s Girls’ School in opening their first overseas SPGS International school. Together, we have developed a wonderful team of dedicated and professional educators who are passionate about ensuring that every child reaches their utmost potential, not just academically but as well-rounded, cultured and confident global citizens.

Peter Hawksworth

Founding Headmaster and Head of Senior School of SPGS International School Chengdu

The opportunity to develop an outstanding school in Chengdu, bringing the best of the British educational systems and traditions to China, is truly exciting and one which I will relish leading forwards.  We hope for a genuine cultural and academic exchange between the two partner schools, with opportunities for shared learning between the students and teachers which will enrich lives and prepare the students for bright and successful futures.

Following the opening ceremony, parents enjoyed an orientation session while children learned about their daily routines and took part in activities designed to enable them to get to know one another. The team was thrilled to see their endeavours become a reality and look forward to what promises to be a fantastic school year.

SPGS International School Chengdu is now open for campus visits. To sign up for a tour of the school, please scan the QR code below



Author: CdExpat_Team


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