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Updated December 23th 2020, 11:00

• Current COVID-19 cases: 11. On December 22nd, no locally transmitted COVID19 cases were identified in our city, and 3 patients were newly discharged.

• According to Liang Zongan, a medical specialist in Sichuan Province, the outbreak in Chengdu is a cluster rather than a community-based transmission. As long as the second-round or even the-third round of nucleic acid tests are carried out on all the current close contacts, this regional outbreak of the epidemic will not last too long if all the results are negative.

• Chengdu is still on high alert, though no new cases in the last days. Middle of December, the city expanded nucleic acid testing (mostly in Jinniu, Jinjiang district, and Pidu Districts) and carrying out virus gene sequencing to curb the spread of COVID-19 and identify the source of an outbreak. Over 2 million nucleic acid test samples had been collected.

• In addition to the free tests for certain locations affected, there are 141 hospitals and organizations in Chengdu where individuals can pay to get nucleic acid tests. Click here for the full list of places where to be tested for COVID-19 in Chengdu.

• One confirmed case (Miss Zhao, 20), the granddaughter of the first two cases confirmed on December 6th in Pidu district, visited various bars, clubs and other locations. See more detail below.

• Sichuan Province has started coronavirus vaccine emergency use for 12 types of high-risk groups – about 2 million people.

• Health codes have to be shown at most compounds malls, cinemas, office buildings and shops around the city before entering premises. You can scan the Tianfu Health Code code below to access the Mini-Program, or alternately open the Health Code on your Alipay APP.

• Delivery guys can’t enter most compounds.

Image: Mass testing in Chengdu


Anti-Epidemic Measures Taken in Chengdu

To curb the spreading of the COVID-19 virus, Chengdu announced the whole city entering a state of warfare, below are the specific anti-epidemic measures taken in the city:

• All the work staff, teachers and students of schools in the medium-risk areas are required to undergo a home-based quarantine;

• All personnel entering the terminal of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport need to have their Health Code checked immediately;

• Besides, according to the Sichuan Provincial People’s Gov Chengdu should take necessary anti-epidemic measures to resolutely block the transmission route of the virus; meanwhile, the relevant departments need to promote economic and social development in a coordinated manner to minimize the impact of the outbreak.

• Most of the clubs seem to be closed today.

Foreign Affairs Office – Kind Reminders

Based on the current epidemic situation, Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Province hereby reminds everyone to take personal protection, actively cooperate, and jointly fight the epidemic:

1. Develop good hygiene habits. Wear masks properly; maintain hand hygiene at all times; pay attention to coughing and sneezing etiquette; do not spit on the ground; open windows frequently for ventilation.

2. Reduce gathering activities. During the epidemic control periods, please minimize unnecessary gatherings and meals, and try to avoid crowded, cold and humid places with poor air circulation. If you really need to enter these places, please take personal protection and cooperate with the prevention and control measures such as body temperature measurement and presenting Health QR Code.

3. Pay attention to food hygiene. Wear masks and gloves when buying and processing cold chain food; cooked food should be separated from raw food; meat and eggs should be thoroughly cooked before eating. Serving of individual dishes and using public spoons or chopsticks are encouraged.

4. Pay close attention to official information. Pay close attention to the official information on the epidemic, do not believe in rumors or spread rumors. All the official information shall prevail.

5. Actively cooperate and implement prevention and control measures. Actively cooperate with relevant departments’ epidemic prevention and control measures, truthfully report personal whereabouts and history of contact or exposure to investigators and medical staff; go to designated locations for nucleic acid testing. If you have fever, cough and other uncomfortable symptoms, please go to the nearest fever clinic as soon as possible.

Image: Testing in Pidu district.

Massive testing

• Sites where cases have been active have been disinfected.

• The city has immediately launched emergency plans. At present, the close contacts have been traced and sent for centralized isolation observation and nucleic acid testing (including dedicated location for free testing).

• To curb the spread of the virus, Wang Fengchao, the mayor of Chengdu, required the scope of nucleic acid testing to be expanded from the related township to all regions in the district of Pidu. The Global Times found the Pidu district is an area with a permanent resident population of about 1 million.

• The local gov has sealed off the Pidu District People’s Hospital, where the patients received treatment, as well as the neighborhoods where the patients live.



Sichuan Province has started coronavirus vaccine emergency use for 12 types of high-risk groups – about 2 million people – with inoculation scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. The public will have access to the vaccine after the upcoming 2021 Chinese Spring Festival begins on February 12.

According to the local immunization plan, the first batch of high-risk groups includes medical workers providing aid in overseas countries, first-line clinical medics, port workers, students or workers going abroad, workers in the cold-chain food industry, teachers, and COVID-19 screening staff in communities, media reports said. The next batch of people to be given priority for vaccination are vulnerable groups such as the elderly, and they are expected to be vaccinated early next year, Sichuan Daily reported on Tuesday.

Vaccination of the general population is expected to begin after the Lunar New Year in February, depending on the availability of vaccines.

Luan Rongsheng, deputy head of the epidemic control team with the local Ministry of Health, said that if the vaccination rate reaches more than 80 percent among the public, it will be difficult for the virus to circulate again.

It was reported that inactivated COVID-19 vaccines were the main vaccines to be administered in Sichuan. The vaccine costs 200 yuan ($30.62) per dose, the same as the one used in East China’s Zhejiang Province for emergency use previously.

Stay safe

For the safety of you and other, please do protect yourself, and follow the guidelines of the authorities. Wear a mask, regularly wash your hands, and avoid crowded places.

If you’ve visited any of the venues mentioned above, please social distance yourself and get a test immediately. If you have symptoms, please visit the hospital for a COVID-19 test.

Sources: Global Times, China Daily, 成都商报, 健康成都官微, 中视新闻.

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