• Good Good, Mexican Grill (Tongzilin)

    Good Good, Mexican Grill (Tongzilin)Good Good Mexican Grill is the answer to a question they’ve been plagued with for a long time……Why is it so rare to find establishments in China that offer good yet affordable foreign food?What started as some experimentation, went from a cool-as-hell three-wheeler, to a 6 Read more [...]

  • CHEERS Tongzilin

    Cheers TongzilinCheck out the successful Swiss-owned wine store chain – 100% imported wines with good prices starting from 28RMB a bottle. Enjoy free tastings from a wide selection. Cheers makes you smile.Address/ 地址: No, 28 East Zijing Rd. 紫荆东路28号

  • Metro Line 1 Tongzilin Station

    Metro Line 1 Tongzilin StationLine 1 of the Chengdu Metro, colored blue and running from North to South, is the first subway line in western China, had its first phase operate on September 27, 2010. Chinese: 成都地铁1号线; pinyin: Chéngdū Dìtiě Yī Hào XiànThe line started construction in 2005, and entered service Read more [...]

  • Chinese Corner

    Chinese CornerChinese school offering a range of courses, including Business courses, Survival Chinese, HSK training and Intensive Group Study Classes.Address:桐梓林东路三号锦绣花园西区锦莱1-3-1Orchard villas, Jinlai building 1-3-1, Tongzilin DongLu No.3 Chengduwww.chinesecorner.cn

  • Healthy Gourmet

    Healthy GourmetHealthy Gourmet is a cafe-restaurant and delivery service, bringing healthy, fresh and locally sourced food to Chengdu.Originating as a delivery service, the dine-in venue is now housed in the beautiful FangCaoDi complex in TongZiLin where you can now enjoy healthy snacks, salads and meals amongst plants and ceramics and Read more [...]

  • Morgan’s Steakhouse 摩根扒房

    Morgan’s SteakhouseIt’s all about the meat at Morgan’s.The first dry-aged steak we’ve found in town. Dry aging is a process where raw beef ages at a fixed temperature, losing moisture and becoming concentrated in flavour. After examining the cuts of meat in their cooler we went for the sirloin. We Read more [...]

  • Blue Roof

    Blue Roof is a Louisiana Style Restaurant and bar.Most items on their menu have origins in the southern part of America.The American spicy flavor seafood, handmade sweet potato fries, clam chowder with bread bowl, gumbo, shrimp and grits and po-boy are specialities of Blue Roof.

  • Adiwer Fitness Club

    Adiwer Fitness Club/h3>Adiwer is a pretty big gym in Tongzilin Europe City that claims to be Australian owned and managed. For cardio, they only have treadmills or the spin room, no other types of machines. The weight machines are a cheesy Chinese brand and don’t really have enough weight on Read more [...]

  • Master Compound 首座

    Master Compound 首座Mixed project [2 residential towers, 1 office tower and The Renaissance Hotel] located very convenient next to Renmin Road, 20 minutes from the city center and airport, 200 meters from Metro Line 1, Tongzilin Exit B.Section 4th, South Renmin Rd. 人民南路4段48号 


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