“GALA Sports is pushing the boundary of sports entertainment.”

– Tencent Tech Media

By a group of sports enthusiasts who wanted to bring great on-the-go gaming experience to sports fans with their passions in both sports and technology, GALA sports (GALA in abbreviations) was founded in Shenzhen China in 2013. The next year, the company launched its first mobile game title “Football Master”.

The title soon became the most popular football game on the mobile platform in major Asian countries, surpassing EA’s FIFA mobile game that year in terms of revenue and downloads. Since then, GALA has achieved consecutive successes by launching more quality titles for various sports.

Each of GALA’s games includes one or more official licenses from the world’s top brands in sports industry. GALA has been in long term partnerships with the top leagues, clubs, and player unions worldwide, such as NBA, FIFpro, Barcelona FC, and Juventus FC, etc. GALA is also helping these organizations grow their business in Mainland China.

GALA Sports established its Chengdu branch in 2016. The company set up an in-house game publishing team and transferred the whole business development department from Shenzhen to Chengdu. As their business keeps expanding, now the company plans to start up a game development studio (named “Match Studio”) in Chengdu to develop their first baseball title.

“We have a great vision for thisnew projectfor the global market and we believe we can give players a brand-new baseball game experience on their phones. To create such a great product, we need more brilliant and passionate people. We believe that by setting up a new studio in Chengdu can help achieve the goal.” Steve Li, the President of GALA Sports, said this.

Besides game designers and artists recruitment, GALA Chengdu also has a new job opening for International Business Development Director. Steve said, “We want to find a person who is passionate about sports and gaming with multilingual ability to help us maintain relationships with sports organizations worldwide and explore more business opportunities in overseas markets.”

Use technologies to inspire sports fans worldwide.

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