Refund Your VAT Tax in Chengdu

After spending time in Chengdu, you may be wondering what happened to your tax bucks. If you’re on a tourist visa or have friends or relatives who have visited, they can claim the value-added taxes back at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. The shops included are shops offering tax-free shopping at the Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport and shops offering duty-free shopping in Chengdu. The tax-refund policy applies to all overseas tourists and to residents from China’s Hong Kong and Macao SARs and Taiwan Province who stayed less than 183 days in Mainland China.

Here are three steps for you how you get a VAT tax refund on the goods you bought:



The invoice(s) and Refund Application Form for Overseas Visitors (RAFOV)

After having purchased products at a shop which offers tax-free shopping aks the shop assistant at the cashier for the invoice(s) and Refund Application Form for Overseas Visitors (RAFOV).

Therefore you need to meet the following requirements:

-The value of your purchase has to be more than 500RMB. The goods need to be bought at one duty-free store on one day.

-The goods must remain unused and intact

-The goods must be purchased no more than 90 days before you leave

-All goods must be carried with you or checked-out with your luggage



Get your goods verified by the Customs

At Terminal 1 at Shuangliu International Airport go to the Tax Refund Customs Verification. A customs officer will stamp the form after he/she checks it and verifies it is correct.

You have to hand in the following documents:

-Your passport

-The Invoice(s)


-The intact goods

Next, you should check in your baggage at a corresponding counter of your airline.



Claim the VAT refund

After the check-in and security check, go to the tax refund agency at Boarding Gate 102 in Terminal 1. Here you show your passport, the stamped RAFOV(s) and the invoice(s) of the tax refundable goods.



The currency for the rebate is RMB, and you can get the refund in cash when the rebate amount is less than RMB10,000. When it’s over RMB10,000, the refund must be made via bank transfer.

In accordance with China national regulations, the total refund rate is 11%, including 9% for overseas tourists and 2% for the tax refund agency.



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