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Shopping for your favorite brands in China is not easy. Even when you find a trusted product, it can be difficult to ascertain its authenticity. Moreover, the genuine article can be costly, and please don’t get us started on the prices at most import supermarkets.

Compared to other retailers in Chengdu, Sam’s Club is a unique warehouse shopping experience that offers plenty of savings to customers through providing products in larger quantity, likewise meaning you don’t need to go shopping as often.

Some of the exciting products include cases of Martinelli’s Gold Medal apple juice, top brand electronics, quality meats, Korean beauty products, and so much more. Meanwhile, their in-house label Member’s Mark offers products such as Chocolate Tart imported from France that provides the highest in quality but at an unexpectedly low price. There is even a full range of bakery and prepared foods so you can throw home parties with no fuss.

Even if you don’t live near Sam’s Club, the exclusive savings and wide array of product categories with familiar brands make it worth a visit. If you prefer online shopping, the Sam’s Club App provides access to a range of items, as well as detailed overviews and sourcing specifications in English.

Sam’s Club has everything you or your family could possibly need. With an average shopping area of 20,000 square meters, and with every aisle stocked with a well-curated selection of products from more than 30 countries. Rest assured that strict regulation of products and fair prices means you will be buying the highest quality at the very best price.

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Sam’s Club Chengdu

  • No. 9 Jinxin Rd. Jinniu District金牛区金鑫大道9号

Opening time:

8 am to 10 pm

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