• As many as 3 in 5 people wear contacts, glasses, or require vision correction, but corrective measures are often expensive, and a little frightening. Thankfully we now have some amazing technology at hand, and together with some of the world’s leading eye specialists, AIER Sichuan Eye Hospital that can treat myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, or presbyopia – in one of the leading facilities in East Asia.

2024 Could be the year to see with total clarity!

• Check out below what AIER Sichuan Eye Hospital offers and how they can help you:

Frame Glasses and Contact Lenses

•  Frame glasses: The comprehensive process of 14 examinations that is not just about prescription frame glasses, it’s also about eye health. It is not only aesthetic, but also enables the frame glasses to be worn accurately and stably, enjoying a smooth and clear visual experience.
• Orthokeratology lens, also called OK lens, is a kind of rigid contact lens made from hyper oxygen permeating materials, which is worn during night times to change cornea shapes and ease myopia. One night of wearing guarantees excellent vision for the next day, which works perfectly for those who are not fit to wear glasses during study or in daily life.
• Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) has a strong oxygen permeation degree, suitable for correcting severe myopia and irregular astigmatism. It also works to a certain degree on early-stage keratoconus. RGP shall be worn during the day when it works to solve visual problems.
• Scleral contact lens is a kind of special, large diameter, rigid gas permeable contact lens that is primarily intended for daily wear, which completely spans the diameter of our cornea and wears on top of the sclera. Scleral contact lenses have an optically corrective effect, good comfort and oxygen permeability and can protect the cornea. It is suitable for patients with keratoconus, irregular corneal astigmatism and dry eyes.

Laser Refractive Surgery

Choosing the right hospital and surgeon is crucial when considering laser refractive surgery. It is important to choose a reputable hospital with experienced surgeons who use the latest technology to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Thankfully for people who want to schedule refractive treatment for their eyes, have laser refractive surgery, the AIER Sichuan Eye Hospital, who have recently offered their great benefits of laser refractive surgery-SMILE are here to help, and are staffed by a team of experienced eye doctors and bilingual nurses.
SMILE, a kind of femtosecond laser refractive surgery

SMILE is short for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction relies upon Lasik Laser System rather than Excimer Laser System. The surgical incision is only 2-4mm (which is less invasive) wide, and has less impact on biodynamics and CNF. It becomes the latest trend in Corneal Refractive Therapies. It is able to correct myopia within 10 diopters, which fits perfectly for those sports lovers whose retinas are not in good condition.

Advantages of SMILE
a. High Precision: The femtosecond laser system can complete corneal cutting in a very short time, reducing the risk of complications during surgery.
b. Quick Recovery: Due to the small amount of damage incision caused by the surgery, patients can quickly return to their normal daily activities after the procedure.
c. Good Postoperative Results: Femto-LASIK surgery can significantly improve patients’ vision.

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Adult Eye Health Examination

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Do your eyes feel itchy, painful, dry, or uncomfortable? Are you reading on computer and mobile phone for a long time because of highly intensive work? Have you worn glasses for many years? Do you have diabetes or hypertension? Are you sometimes unable to see clearly?

If you have any problem as mentioned above, you are suggested to do a professional eye health examination to protect your eyes ASAP.

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