• As you SHOULD know (or you may be in big trouble) foreign nationals have to register, or re-register within 24 hours after landing in Chengdu from abroad. You may face a fine starting from 10 days if you do not re-registering.

• Before this you used to have to re-register your local police station (派出所), but since 2020 there is an option to register your accommodation online.
Foreigners entering the PRC from abroad can now use the WeChat app (if it’s working – it’s frequently buggy) to register, cutting out queues, physical documents and contact altogether.

• Below is more information about both the offline and online registration process:


Register within 24 hours

According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, Article 39, paragraph 2, foreigners staying anywhere other than a hotel must, within 24 hours of arriving, go through residence registration process. Otherwise you may be issued a warning and may incur a fine of up to 2,000 yuan.

We would definitely recommend you to do this within 24 hours, although it seems no fine will be implemented if you go before 10 days of landing.

Further info on the process:

Register Offline

Let’s hope your HR helps out with this… because it’s often needs a lot of paper work.  For the registration, you usually need to (each time you return) hand in a copy of the following documents at the local police station or community center:
1) Passport + visa pages + last entry date stamp
2) Valid rental contract (房屋租赁合同)
3) Real estate certificate (房权证)

After you checked if all information is correct, you will receive a “Registration voucher of residence for visitors from overseas”, the authority needs to stamp it. Keep this document, as you might need it for your visa process. Do not throw it away.

Register Online

Tip: As some information (eg.: name of local police station) has to be selected in Chinese, the help of a Chinese friend will definitely be helpful.

First, take a picture of your passport + visa page + rental agreement. Having your Chinese address ready in notes will also help.

Second, you have to click/ follow the official account below, then click ‘Foreign Citizen’ to register.

Alternatively, you can search the official account ‘ 四川公安出入境’ below and click ‘Foreign Citizen’ to register. 


Then click “Foreign Citizen”, follow the instructions via the app.

After submitting the information, check back later (the result will be out within 24 hours) to see if the registration has been accepted or denied. lf it is approved, you can download the receipt and print it by yourself.

For any questions, call 028-86301850


You can also reach the registration service by following WeChat Official account of Chengdu Exit & Entry Administration. You can follow the instructions below.

More registration information can be found here.

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