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Foreign Consulates in Chengdu Overview

 Foreign Consulates in Chengdu Overview As Chengdu is a thriving city with an increasing amount of foreigners relocating or visiting here, it is of no surprise that countries want to open up a consulate here. There are currently 19 countries that

Nov. 16th: 1 Minute of Silence @ French Consulate Chengdu

[:en]?? In the wake of Friday’s deadly terror attacks in Paris, a minute of silence will be observed tonight at 7pm to express solidarity and support for the victims ?Le Consulat général de France à Chengdu organisera une cérémonie de recueillement et une minute de

India and Poland to open Consulates in Chengdu

In May 2015, both India and Poland officially announced that they would both be establishing Consulates in Chengdu to enhance international trade, culture and ideas.So far, 13 countries haved opened consulates in Chengdu.

Australian Government invites Australian university alumni to register for future events

留澳校友,澳大利亚驻成都总领事馆欢迎您回家!如果您曾经留学澳大利亚,现居四川、重庆、云南、贵州或是来自上述省市,热忱欢迎您加入西南地区留澳校友会!澳大利亚驻成都总领事馆将于近期及今后在领区范围内举办各类校友会活动,搭建交流平台,拓展沟通渠道,分享发展成果,共促澳大利亚和中国西南地区的友好合作关系。Are you an Australian university graduate from southwest China? Register online with the Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu for Australian alumni events!  澳大利亚驻成都总领事馆欢迎曾经的,现在的澳洲大学毕业的校友回家,请登陆官方网站进行注册登记,随后近期活动的邀请会函会发至各位邮箱,如果有任何疑问欢迎和他们联系。The Australian Consulate-General in Chengdu invites you register for upcoming events through our new alumni registration portal. The Consulate is