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Top 10 Apps You Can’t Live Without in China

Turbocharge your experience in China by adding these apps to your arsenal.

Win Big with DiDi Good Eats Week

DiDi’s English version has partnered with 20 of your favourite local venues to give you a good excuse to go out and enjoy yourself. The great news is, 10 more restaurants and bars are involved, click to find out who!

DiDi Good Eats Week

You chose the best places to eat, drink and play during the 2018 Chengdu-Expat Awards, and now DiDi’s English Version wants to take you there.

2018 Awards • Nominate Your Favorites!

The Chengdu-Expat awards are back for the third time, to celebrate the communities, places, and people that made living in the Chengdu so special in 2018. This year, we’ve partnered with DiDi English Version, who specialize in getting you to

First 5 apps you need to survive in Chengdu

Moving to Chengdu means saying goodbye to some apps and saying hello to others. Before coming to China you don’t have time to discover all the best apps straight away so we have given a list of the first apps you need to get to survive in Chengdu.

Mystery Games Journey West

After a year of thrilling unknowns, Mystery Games is back.And this time with a twist.The organisers are world famous experts at games. They keep the nature of the activity secret until the last minute. They promise you’ll have fun.When?Sunday 29th July2pm –

How Chengdu Are You?

We all know there’s something special about Chengdu.For many of us it’s more than just a place we live, but a lifestyle we choose to have. Whether you’ve just arrived, or the city has become your laojia – you probably

Discover Chengdu With DiDi World Cup Craze

The World Cup is in full swing as Chengdu gets hit hard by its swelteringly hot rainy season. Ride-hailing app DiDi have been fine tuning their English language services to make sure nothing the city’s summer weather throws at you, will make