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9 Foreign Films in Chengdu April 2019

April is treating us good. In addition to our fave superheroes, we also get another universe’s superhero, a couple more from Japan, and one each from France, New Zealand, and India. They’re all gonna rock like Korg!

11 Foreign Films in Chengdu in January 2019

New year, new foreign movie list! And not too bad of a selection if we do say so ourselves… at  least better than last month. A lot of you were askin’ about the new Transformers and the Creed sequel and we thankfully

9 Foreign Movies to China in May 2018

9 Foreign Movies to China in May 2018Happy May Day holiday, our loyal readers! Without mentioning last month‘s box office flops, let’s keep an optimisitic positive attitude and focus on the future. It’s the least we can do. And only

14 Foreign Movies Come to China in January 2018

Films this January When all is said and done, January is looking pretty sweet, too! We have 14 scheduled films, which is the most foreign films in one month yet, and finally including STAR WARS.We have a couple cartoons, Russians in