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Chengdu’s Supermarkets of the Future

A new supermarket retail concept is rapidly increasing in popularity, beginning with Amazon Go in the US, and now in China with Alibaba’s Hema Supermarkets. The concept marries online and offline shopping experiences to create the most improved, efficient service.

Organic Food in Chengdu

Chengdu-Expat explains where to source organic food in Chengdu.The market for organic food in China has taken off in the wake of food safety scandals and environmental concerns. Buying organic offers a more reliable provenance whilst countering the negative environmental

Where to buy Halloween decorations and costumes in Chengdu

[:en]BOO! ???万圣节即将来临,看看成都哪里可以买服饰和装饰品 ???Halloween is coming up. Check out our guide to find out where you can buy scary Costumes & Halloween Decorations in the`Du ?1) Taobao 淘宝网 – Everything you want2) Shanxi Road 陕西街3) Houzi Men Sport Equipment and Clothing