The winners are in! A huge thank you to everyone who voted in this year’s Chengdu-Expat Awards. After 3 weeks of nominations, voting and the judges – we can finally reveal who you chose to celebrate this year in the city!

Just like last year, 30% of the vote was decided by judges from Chengdu’s international community. The panel had all been in Chengdu for more than 5 years, and run their own projects in the city.

The majority of the vote of course went to you. A big thank you to the 9000+ people who make up the very fabric of Chengdu’s complicated weave to take the time to vote. The people that keep the restaurants, hotels, bars and community doors open daily.

And wow Chengdu, you like to party! Over 180 people came out to celebrate the city’s best and brightest on a night of glitz and glamour, at the Grand Hyatt’s Xi•Mi. They walked the red carpet, heard the judges announcing the winners, enjoyed the live band, and some of them brought their dancing shoes.


So, who did you chose?


Best Hotel


Fairmont Chengdu

Runners up: CASA Boutique Hotel & The Temple House




Best Nightclub



Runners up: Orangutan Bunker & Revolucion Cocktail



🍷 🍺 🍸

Best Bar


Tease Bar & Brunch

Runners up: Bamboo & McElroy’s



🍽️ 🥢

Best Restaurant


TIVANO @ The Temple House

Runners up: Blue Social Cantina & Gili’s




Best Brunch


                                  Runners up: Fairmont Chengdu & TIVANO @ The Temple House


Best Pizza


Mike’s Pizza


Runners up: Bucciano & Harry’s Wizard Cafe



Best Burger


Bang Burger


Runners up: Burger Brothers & Great Leap Brewery



Best Restaurant for Delivery


 Burger Brothers


Runners up: Happa Happa & Yalla Yalla



Hospitality of the Year

                                            Harry Deng | Harry’s Wizard Café
                                      Runners up: Eddie Mair | Fairmont Chengdu & Sue | Gili’s



Best Reoccurring Event

 Chengdu Comedy Club

Runners up: Chengdu Debates & Road Dog Cocktails



Best Sporting Community

CIFL (Chengdu International Football League)


Runners up: CIBA (Chengdu Int’l Badminton Association) & Sichuan Cricket Club



Best Newcomer




Runners up: BmF (Baguettes Made Fresh) & Tease Bar & Brunch



The Wellness Award


B Active

Runners up: BeeNow (Arya) & JustDanceStudio


The People’s Choice Award




This is the place that received the most number of nominations, public votes, and views on the ChengduExpat+ MiniProgram in 2021.


 Congratulations to everyone

 & thank you for your support!

 We’d also like to thank our panel of judges for their time.


The Judges

    In alphabetical order

                                                                              Amiee Cai

Creator of lifestyle blog The Wondermelon

Former writer for Chengdu-Expat

5 years in Chengdu


 Brigitte Janssen

Communications Designer at Ubisoft Chengdu.

Designed for many events and F&B joints in the city.

 7 years in Chengdu

                                                                     Dieter Vanonckelen

Founder at Chengdu-Expat, the Beer Nest

and AD Medical.

12 years in Chengdu

 Harri Sheffer

Chair of BritCham SW & Studio Hu

Former chef, now full-time eater.

  6 years in Chengdu

Jef Vreys

All rounder at New Noise

15 years in Chengdu

Jeffery Lau

Building the metaverse for shopping at Rebuff Reality.

Formerly involved with F&B in the city.

6 years in Chengdu

 Mama Rachel

Soul food cook, hot sauce mogul, and winner of the

2021 Great Leap Chilli Cook-off

8 years in Chengdu

                                                                              Matt Ryan

Managing Director of Sino-British Collaborative Education at CDUT

BritCham, Chengdu Rotary Club & CMWC

 20 years in Chengdu

Melanie Moran

Former nominee for Best Hospitality who’s totally not bitter about losing.

Formerly involved with lots of F&B projects in the city.

6 years in Chengdu

Richard Beach

Design Director Kura design

 Chair at AustCham South China

7 years in Chengdu

Sinead Mckinlay

A small business owner, university lecturer,

and the current president of the Chengdu Rotary Club.

7 years in Chengdu



Founder of Me. cosmetics.

Previously involved with health, sporting, and wellness events in Chengdu.

10 years in Chengdu

 The Photographers

Amar Shrestha

insta: @bokshiphotography

Chengdu-Expat Official Photographer 


Jake Homovich

insta: jake.homovich


Ngawang Sherap

 insta: ngawang_sherap



 Luck Draw Sponsors

 Thank you to the companies that sponsored lucky draw prizes for those who attended The Party, and supported with drinks.


HUGE Thanks To The Sponsors

We Love you. See you next time.

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