WeChat has undeniably changed the way we communicate in China thanks largely to a myriad of amazing features.
• On January 21, 2021, exactly ten years after WeChat released the beta version 1.0 for iPhone users, iOS Version 8.0 was released. This new version will gradually be released on different systems/ devices features the biggest upgrade in years, including a new set of expressions. 
• Except for bug fixes and improvements, the biggest changes are a new function called “My Status” and animated emojis, with some emoji having a unique effect ‘bombing your screen’.• Check out the main updates below..

 WeChat 8.0 Major Updates


1. Changes to homepage.2. A new tab called ‘My Status’ has been added. You can choose your current personal state as well as other people who are in the same state as you.3. New emojis, including animated ones that will “bomb” your screen. The face expressions emojis are now larger and animated.

4. A new in-app currency called “WeChat Beans”.

5. The “Floating window” function of the article is updated.

6. Can switch to dark mode to match system settings.

7. Visual display when listening to songs.

8. Improved the voice messaging experience and made it easier to swipe up to convert to text.


 NEW: Animated Emojis

One of the main new features are the animated emojis, including three with special effect (they look more three-dimensional). In addition, WeChat adds a special full-screen animation effect for these emojis,  💣 “bomb”, “celebration”, “fireworks”. When you send or receive these three emojis, you can see the animation on the screen, emojis will make the chat dynamic (‘blow up on your screen’), adding a lot of fun for the chat.

Bomb  炸弹 
Party 庆祝
Fireworks 烟花
 NEW: My Status

‘My Status’ enables you to select your current state (of mind). You can choose your current personal state as well as other people who are in the same state as you.

They include:

-Feelings: happy, depressed, insomnia, zoning out.

-Work & study: busy, slackin’, hardworking, work trip.

-Activities: check in, eat, coffee, drink, workout, shopping.

-Breaks: music, watching TV, fruits, games, streamin’, sleep.


 NEW: “WeChat Beans” Currency

Check out the new in-app currency called “WeChat Beans”, 7 WeChat Beans equal 1RMB.

They can be recharged at “Me – click your Avatar – WeChat Bean” and used to buy goods.


 UPDATED: “Floating Window”
The “Floating window” function is no longer displayed on the right side, but placed in the upper left corner (two dot style).

Visual Display for Songs

MiniProgram page can be better used now

When we pull down in the home page, we can see the used mini-programs, as well as the “unfinished articles/ videos”!


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