[:en]Even if you’re not into WeChat, you probably have noticed some blurred pictures going around today.

What happened?  

Seems like the Tencent team wanted to try something new, and why not involved lucky money (红包) as the Chinese New Year is coming up.

After updating WeChat, a special function to share the blurred picture appeared

How did it work?

1. Click on the corner right down the picture

2. If you click “Large image”, you could see a small detail of the picture

3. When you send some Lucky Money, you could see the full image and comment

Whether Tencent was just teasing us or testing out a new future tool, it didn’t impress most users. Lot’s of people reacted in a negative way and posted protesting pictures.

Some more details:

– You were able to post blurred pictures till 8pm (Finished)

– The Lucky Money was paid to the receivers at 9pm

– All blurred pictures will automatically be deleted at midnight


Adrien Chengdu-Expat
Author: Adrien Chengdu-Expat

The "IT" of CD Expat Team. Also Photographer , Dj & Web Developer/Designer In Chengdu Since 2012.

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