We are looking for new writers and contributors who find living in Chengdu as fascinating as we do. The city is bursting with great food, fast development and an amazing emerging arts scene, and we want to find talented writers who want to share their stories with the city.

You don’t need to be a journalism major or have media experience to apply. We’re looking for passionate writers with strong local knowledge, especially on these topics:

Local Art, Music, Literature, Film

Human interest stories 

Hot local news 

Travel and Hidden Chengdu

Local Food and Drink

Sports, Lifestyle, Health/Fitness

Local Language & Culture

If you have other things you think are of interest, please let us know. The majority of our followers are English speaking, and have been living in the city between 6 months and 2 years, so content should be Chengdu (or Sichuan) specific and accessible. 

If you are interested in applying, you are looking for exposure or already have some great content written, please send the following to info@chengdu-expat.com:

  • A brief introduction of yourself
  • Why you would like to write for the platform
  • A writing sample

Payment and other benefits can be discussed depending on experience and requirements.
Read more below from some of our previous contributors:

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We can’t wait to read your Chengdu stories, so get in touch!
The team at Chengdu-Expat 

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