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Why not try the 7 Super Words Beginner Chinese Course!

✅ Express yourself in Chinese

✅ Get connected with other people

✅ Enrich your daily life in China

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How does it work?

These 7 Verbs Will Change Everything!

Language learning research has found that as long as you master several basic verbs, you can achieve basic daily communication, understand others, and express yourself.

In Chinese language, they are:

It’s like we’re building with Legos. You can build anything you want once you have those basic building blocks and know how to properly use them.

Unlike other Chinese classes, we don’t follow a textbook.

Instead, we create and learn about real life scenarios and day-to-day conversations.

We talk about what a native Chinese speaker would actually say in daily interactions, such as ordering food, traveling, creating an itinerary, etc., so that you can immediately use these expressions in your daily life!

In 7 Super Words Beginner Chinese Course,
we will learn:
15 chapters
42 small stories
500+ new words

We do this because it’s more natural, reflects everyday life, and is especially helpful for expats who live in China.

Feedback from Jason

When your Chinese has improved, you want to break free from the usual conversations and want to initiate conversation and say more.

What do you do then?
In the 7 Super Words | Beginner Chinese Course, from stage one of the elementary course, we start to cultivate students’ short storytelling ability and habits, to build up confidence for longer communication in Chinese!

Feedback from Amy


Course materials include

Beyond the class you’ll receive:
Access to diverse learning material for listening, reading etc., so you can get more practice outside of class and practice what you’ve learned!

Support from your own personal WeChat group that includes your teacher, a teaching assistant, and classmates, so you can stay motivated!

Plus! We include daily short videos in Chinese with characters to enhance your speaking!

Class info

Sample Class Time: Tuesday + Thursday 19:00-20:30
Not fit your time? Contact us for more schedules.

Small Group: 3-6 students
To ensure everyone can practice speaking during the class

Tuition: starting at 160rmb/class, 90min per class

Buddy Price: 10% off
For each friend you refer that joins the class, ask for details!

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If you have a flexible schedule or want to fully focus on your own needs/goals, we also provide:
-Private classes
-Business Chinese classes
-HSK Preparation classes
-Intensive classes

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About Chinese Surfing

Chinese Surfing is a Chinese language center with a shared vision of making the Chinese language and culture accessible to the international community.
Our mission is to make Chinese language and China accessible to all, giving people the tools and confidence to experience this amazing country like a local.

We provide:
-Online Classes
-Small Classes
-Private Classes
-Business Chinese Classes
-HSK1-6 Preparation Classes
-Intensive Chinese Classes
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Catering to everyone from beginners all the way through HSK6+ to help improve speaking and communication abilities!

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