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Léman IB Students Achieved a Pass Rate of 100%

Léman IB Students Achieved A Pass Rate Of 100%[July 10th 2020] — Students, teachers, parents and school community members at Léman International School Chengdu, are celebrating today thanks to students achieving exceptional results in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for

Chengdu News Summer 2020

Chengdu News Summer 20202020 Chengdu Motor ShowThe 23rd CDMS will be held on July 24 – August 2,  at The Western China International Expo City.  The past 22 years of the show, has seen it grow into one of the top four events of

COVID-19: Who Can Come Back to China? And How?

[Updated June 30, 2020]From March 28 China suspended the entry of most foreign nationals – even the ones holding valid visas. From that day, the following policies are in place:1) Foreign nationals holding valid visas or residency permits are prohibited from entering

June 21: Partial Solar Eclipse in Chengdu

Weather permitting, people hundreds of kilometres on either side of the centreline across 14 countries (including) will also see light drain from the day this afternoon. This should be the best annular solar eclipse of the decade.In Chengdu, a partial solar eclipse should be

Take a Break, Study Chinese in Stunning Yangshuo

As most of us who endured the COVID-19 lockdown in China know, we can’t leave for the moment – or won’t be allowed back in. Some of us don’t mind waiting it out, until the rest of the world gets

Chengdu Airport Becomes the World’s Busiest

As the East coast fears a second wave, the West of China seems to be booming – especially Chengdu. The city seems to be dominating China’s ‘good news’ headlines, and here is what they’re saying: Chengdu Airport Became World’s Busiest Last

5 Ways To Revitalize Your Life

5 Ways To Revitalize Your LifeWith Covid-19 in the rear view mirror now, let’s get back to a better life with 5 ways to revitalize your life! Here at Sam’s Club, our teams are always looking for ways to get that

Ordering Epermarket’s Fresh & Imported Groceries

We Tried Epermarket! Here’s What We ThoughtIf you’re the type of person who loves grocery shopping at a physical store and sifting through all the fresh produce as opposed to buying them online, we get it. Some of us felt

TIVANO Launches CLUB VINO This Summer

TIVANO Launches CLUB VINO This SummerA Club Where Wine Lovers GathersChengdu, 3rd June 2020) This summer, TIVANO of The Temple House, Chengdu launches CLUB VINO, a club dedicated for wine lovers to get together. Over the years, Chengdu’s wine enthusiasts

Over 6,000 Ancient Tombs Discovered & Other Chengdu News

As the city swings (almost) back to full pelt, we don’t want you to miss long-postponed openings, and new discoveries in the city this month. Here’s what’s up:Over 6000 Ancient Tombs Discovered in ChengduMore than 6,000 ancient tombs dating back between the Warring

The SMALL WAYS you can make BIG changes

The world generates at least 3.5 MILLION TONS of PLASTIC & other SOLID WASTE in just ONE day.By 2050, there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish, and around 60% of our forests will have disappeared.Sounds like too big

New in Chengdu: Great Leap Brewing

Come Grab a Pint at Great Leap BrewingIn October of 2010, Great Leap Brewing started pouring beers in Doujiao Hutong for Beijing’s craft beer fans.In 2020, Great Leap Brewing’s first Sichuan location opened!Read to the end for fan benefits!In a

Chengdu Kindergartens to Return on June 2!

As the last batch of students (or even more parents) eagerly await about school, the Chengdu Municipal Education Commission announced on May 18 that kindergartens in Chengdu will be gradually reopening starting Tuesday June 2nd.Kindergartens may decide their opening date upon approval from the district education department. The

All Pandas Test Negative for COVID-19 at Chengdu Research Base

In a bit of good news for both human and pandakind, last Thursday, the Chengdu Research Base of the Giant Panda reported that all pandas in their care had tested negative for the novel coronavirus.The base asked an authoritative organization to conduct nucleic acid

Entertaining Friends in Style

Entertaining friend in styleIt’s time for the grown-ups to play!The weather’s fine, the hard times are behind us (fingers crossed!) so how about inviting a few friends over just for the heck of it!But wait …What kind of party do

HUGE Spring Sale at Your Online Supermarket!

When you think of fresh and imported grocery experts, a food service with quality you can trust is crucial, and that’s exactly what this online supermarket can offer! Over the last 9 years, freshness and safety have remained Epermarket’s priority. They

China Classifies ALL Regions as Low-Risk Areas

After recording the first cases of COVID-19 earlier this year, China, is also the first to report that the risk of the outbreak is now “low”, in all areas of the country, after tight lockdowns were imposed all over the

COVID-19 Recovery: Restaurants and Bars in Chengdu see Improved Sales

 Around the world, people have lost their jobs as companies feel the pinch because of Covid-19. We’re all aware the economic effects may be far worst than previous times of conflict, or The Great Depression. Whilst a lot of us feel lucky

5 Easy Spring Picnic Ideas

Spring weather is an optimal time of the year to plan and engage in outdoor activities with your little ones. Whether you have an infant or a young toddler, no age is too young to enjoy the fresh air and warm

Bye Bye Alipay and WeChat Pay! Digital RMB’s Coming!

Finally, China will soon start testing its central bank digital currency in selected regions! Unlike Alipay and WeChat Pay that rely on the internet, digital currency can be exchanged offline, just like using physical cash. Will you use it?TRIALS UNDERWAYChina