Chengdu Malt Whisky Club (CMWC):

The club’s simple objectives are to share and promote the joys of the wonderful Uisce Beatha (malt whisky), to gather for their monthly meetings, and to use that opportunity to share their experiences and love of the best malt whiskies they can find. It’s always a joy to meet for purely these reasons, without having to include a business meeting or some less welcome social gathering that we’d rather not go to.

As they say in Scotland, “There is no such thing as a stranger, just a friend you haven’t met yet”. The CMWC has always liked that philosophy and hopefully they can continue to promote that in the future as their wee club grows. They have a splendid collection of Malts, thanks to the efforts and travels of their membership, so please continue to travel and see what you can find on those elusive duty free shelves.

Chengdu Whisky Club Group

Membership costs the price of an annual bottle of pure malt whisky, but preferably an actual bottle, and then each meeting is a cost of 100 RMB to try the selection. If you are not a member it costs 150 RMB for the same privilege. Non-drinking visitors pay 50 RMB. They normally inhabit the Bookworm on the first Thursday of each month, but make occasional visits to “away” bars too. Moreover, they also try to arrange dinner for around 100 RMB each month, but takeaway pizza has also been known.

CMWC will reimburse up to 650 RMB those tha tbring such bottles especially if you bring the receipt too. If you have any questions about what to look out for, please feel free to contact GrahamB annerman (CMWC Chairman) Alex Fu, their taste master, or Paul Sives, the treasurer. You can email Graham directly:

Chengdu Whisky Club Glasses

Whisky Bars in Chengdu

There aren’t that many proper whisky bars in Chengdu that can emulate the likes of Constellation in Shanghai, though we’ve done our best to create a list of bars for you whiskey-lovers!

Still Fun 萃坊

This whisky & cocktail bar has over 400 different kinds of whisky from 80 different distillers all around the world. From Japan to Scotland, Canada to Australia, there’s no other place you want to be if you are looking for an international and flavorful whisky journey. Majority of the whisky you can either order by glass or by the bottle.

Wuhou District, Yongfeng Road No. 21 – 2 (Across Construction Bank on Yulin West Road)


Tel.: 028-85123352

Still Fun 1 - Bar 2












VAT Committee 玩酒会

With the classic dark brown decoration and use of natural elements, VAT Committee Whisky & Cocktail Bar in Tongzilin has mature and strong characteristics. The most eye-catching elements are the long bar counter and wine bottles placed on the whole wall. Besides different whiskies from over 100 countries, their drinks menu counts at least 600 kinds of wines, cocktails, champagne, mescal and brandy.

Wuhou District, Tongzilin Road No. 4 -17 (Below Europe City, left of Adiwer Gym)


Tel.: 028-83383877

VAT Committee Whisky Bar - Bar


The Johnnie Walker House Chengdu 尊邸

Johnnie Walker House offers unique experiences – part education, part private club, part museum, part retail – to their consumers. Special services such as education on whisky production, personalized whisky blends, bespoke food and drink pairings, and menus developed by famous chefs. Members also have access to rare bottles and can participate in blending sessions with Johnnie Walker’s Brand Ambassador.

GaoXin District, 699 Tian Fu Yi Street, Building 23, Tie Xiang Temple Riverfront


Tel.:  028-86956961

New Johhny Walker House Chengdu logo





The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu – FLAIR Bar & Restaurant

Around 60 kinds of whiskies from 5 different countries; Ireland, Scotland, USA, Canada and Japan. Not only old fashioned whisky, but also classics.

The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu

成都富力丽思卡尔顿酒店 – FLAIR Restaurant & Bar, 27/F

Tel.: 028-83599288

FLAIR Chengdu Restaurant and Bar 餐厅酒吧吧台


Nico Bar

Over 30 varieties, varying from Single malt, Irish whiskey, Japanese, Bourbon to Rye.

Wuhou District,Renmin South Road section 4, Master Commercial building No. 48-15(behind bankof China)

武侯区人民南路四段首座48号附15 (中国银行背后)

Tel.: 15988167631

Nico Cocktail Bar Chengdu













The St. Regis Chengdu, Decanter

Offering around 30 whiskies, mostly blended, in an elegant and refined setting,

No. 88 Taisheng Road, Qingyang District. Decanter, 4th floor

成都瑞吉酒店, 中国四川省成都市青羊区太升南路88号. 品酒阁 四楼

Tel.: (028) 62830653

St. Regis Decanter Main Area-

Cuba Koobar 古巴热浪

Recently redecorated Cigar & Wine Club, offering a large selection of whiskies as well.

Wuhou District, Tongzilin South Road No.7-24 (Below Europe City)


Tel.: 028-62938082


Lan Gu 澜谷威士忌酒吧
地址: 桐梓林欧城4号附19号

CDIS China Chengdu