Burgers! Burgers! Burgers!

If you eat meat it’s more than likely that you love chomping down on a good burger every once in a while. I am a self-confessed carnivore. My love for meat and all things that come in two slices of bread compare to few things; a mothers love for her child, Shakespeare’s love of a summers’ day and that creepy obsession that Steve Jobs had with apples.

What makes a good burger?

  1. Good sourced meat that is well seasoned and not overcooked.

  2. Cheese that bites back!

  3. Extra toppings…meat topped with more meat is possibly the best thing ever

  4. Lastly, a bun that is as durable as The Great Wall and doesn’t disintegrate like a wet piece of paper after the first bite.

So here’s the rundown of some of our favourite places to get a burger in Chengdu

Burger Austine

This Aussie burger restaurant has everything you need, from classic burgers to loaded fries, to their fully-loaded special ‘The Aussie’ burger. We especially liked their crispy chicken.


22/9,1F, Tongzilin South Road (next to Iron Pig BBQ), Wuhou Dist.

武侯区桐梓林南路9号附22号 (铁猪美式烤肉旁边)

Blue Frog

Most people living in Chengdu have heard of Blue Frog thanks to their happy hour(s). Located in the centre of the city at Taikoo Li, Blue frog is a bar/grill that offers a wide range of burgers among other dishes. You’re guaranteed to find something to keep your taste buds happy and if you go on a Monday, you can take advantage of the buy one get one free deal. You are required to buy a drink with each burger to take advantage of the deal but it’s definitely worth it. Go during happy hour (4-8), where you get buy one get one free on drinks, and take advantage of two deals instead of one.

💴 RMB 70-118 /burger- Fries included.

Monday Deal – Buy one get one deal

 📍 1307 & 2308, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, No.8 Central Shamao Road, Jinjiang District


Opening Hours: 10am-12am (Monday-Thursday); 10am-1am (weekends)

Tims Bar-B-Q

I like Tim’s! The people there are friendly and they serve great food at reasonable prices. I’ve had their burger twice and really enjoyed it! I’d probably have had a lot more if it wasn’t as far from my house. They burger brings a solid beef game with a smoky taste, good cheese, toppings, and a bun that doesn’t take any s**t. They do a deal every Wednesday night that offers free draft beer with any burger bought… I mean, what more do you want?

💴 RMB 48-72/burger- Fries included

 Wednesday Deal- Free unlimited beer 

 📍 No 7 Building C, Poly Centre, No. 1 JinXiu Road, Wuhou District 保利中心C 坐7号

Tel: 028-87407066

Opening Hours: 9.00-12.00


Peter’s Tex-Mex

This is one place I feel I have to mention. Peters is a name known and loved by many, often for their margaritas, but guess what? They sell food too and on their new menu they offer two burgers. The good old Texan burger which I’ve had many times and a new Wagyu beef burger which I’ve yet to try! I’m always happy with the peters burger and usually left in a bit of a food coma after one. The burgers come with a side of fries and along with the other food on the menu are reasonably priced. It is getting warmer out there! It’s almost time to head down to margaritaville…Woo hoo!

💴RMB 52-65/ Fries included 

 📍 Locations throughout Chengdu


Address 1: Fenghuayuan, Middle Tongzilin Rd., 桐梓林中路风华苑, 85143227;

Address 2: 2/F, China Post Savings, Dadi Xinguanghua Plaza, 50 South Guanghuacun St. 光华村南街50号大地新光华广场中国邮政储蓄2楼;

Address 3: 3/F, Galleria Mall, 99 Shengheyi Rd. 盛和一路99号凯丹广场3楼, 65978998

Address 4: 406-407, 4/F, MixC Mall, Shuangqing Rd. 双庆路6号华润万象城4楼406-407号, 86307466;

Address 5: B1, Global Center, 1700 North Sect. of Tianfu Ave. 天府大道北段1700号新世纪环球购物中心B1楼麦当劳旁(近乐天百货), 65188518

The Range Bar and Grill

The Range is a bar and grill that serves American comfort food which includes some very tasty burgers. They also do a build your own burger night, where you can choose your own patty, bun and toppings from a large list (awaiting confirmation of new day). Basically meaning you can create a monster that Dr. Frankenstein himself would be proud of. I’m yet to make my own belly busting monster but that day will come very soon! There’s a good atmosphere at the Range and you always get a warm welcome!

💴 RMB Around 80/burger- Fries included

📍 No.9 2/F, Building 1, No.9 South Section 1 Yihuan Road, Wuhou District


Morgan’s Steakhouse

Morgans is a premium steak house located in Tongzilin that also carries some other options on their menu to appeal to a wider audience and one of those options is a burger. Now, I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it yet as I always have my steak goggles on, but if it’s half as good as the steak…well, enough said! Truth be told, I will probably never try this burger, because I can’t tear myself away from the steak! Let us know if you’ve tried it in the comments section below!

💴 RMB 100/person-Burger and sides

RMB 240/person-Based on steak


📍 Shop 5, No.9 Tongzilin South Road

武侯区, 桐梓林南路9号附5号

Grumpy Moose

The Grumpy Moose is a Bar/ Restaurant located very close to Beer Nest 2 in Tongzilin. They have a good selection of dishes and I’ve been very impressed with the food that I’ve had, but unfortunately I haven’t sampled the burger. They also carry two options for vegetarian burgers which my friend assures me hit the spot! The owners are friendly and welcoming and are currently offering 15% off the bill for a quick review of your meal on TripAdvisor.

💴 RMB around 60-85/ burger

📍 No.48 Sec 4 Renmin South Road, below Master Building (alleyway Behind bank of China)


Tel: 18086838048

The Beer Nest II

The Beer Nest 2 is a large bar/ restaurant that serves a wide variety of beers and food to go along with it. They offer an already reasonably priced burger which becomes even better on a Thursday when you can get it with a tasty craft beer for only 60 RMB. Good burger, good beer, good night!

💴 RMB 60/Burger- Fries included

Deal- Thursday- Free pint with burger

📍Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street (F1, behind Country Garden Real estate sales office, close to “AMI Bar” or Bank of China)

人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼 (碧桂园森林城市售房部后面, AMI酒吧、中国银行、乐道茶馆附近)

The Diner

The Diner in Tongzilin has recently started offering a double decker burger which looks like it could fill a few holes in your stomach. Nige, Chengdu’s own top-notch butcher, supplies the meat. This ensures that high-quality meat is being used and all at the low cost of 68RMB.

💴 RMB 68/burger

📍 Singapore Garden North Gate



Budget Burgers

Other budget options for a burger and a drink to accompany it are Commune , Wow Bar, Helen’s and the newly opened which is located in the Soho building.


Shout Out

Home Plate BBQ Chengdu has a menu with several different burgers, but I haven’t had the chance to check them out yet. I also like McDonalds in Raffles City because sometimes you just want to feel dirty, plus they have a top notch French fry game! This is the only McDonald’s I’ve found in Chengdu that has a very high rotation of customers while continually serving fresh food and not stock piling to meet demand. Take your pick! 

Great Leap Brewing

Located in the former Bookworm, Great Leap is another welcomed addition to the Chengdu craft beer scene. With around 30 beers on tap (20 of their own, 10 guest beers) and a full menu including their flagship burger, this place won’t disappoint.

Opened in 2010 in Beijing, their beer proudly incorporates traditional Chinese ingredients and boasts flavors and aromas unique to the Middle Kingdom. They set out with the goal of brewing world-class beers, and now it’s their goals to put Great Leap beer in the hands of as many people as possible, both in China and around the Globe.


💴 RMB 55-75/Burger- Fries included


📍2-6, East Yujie St., 28 Sect. 4th, South Renmin Road.


Brother Burgers

Jamie Lavery
Author: Jamie Lavery

Jamie Lavery, from Northern Ireland is as passionate about Chengdu's underground music scene as the city's ever flowing craft beer. If it's between two buns, he's tried it.