More countries with visa centres are also reopening so here is some more info on their visa centres, available services and how they will function going forward. 


South Korea 

From August 1st, 2020: 

  • Firstly, the Chinese Embassy and consulates have started to implement an online visa application form and online appointment system.  

  • Secondly, Chinese visa applicants (excluding HK and Macao) are required to log on the centre’s website for the application 

  • Finally, the Visa Application Centres in Korea have cancelled the urgent service and continue to provide normal and express services. 

Reminder: it is advisable for you to arrange reasonable time to submit your application or collect your visa at the centre. 


From June 17th, 2020:  

Centres in Tokyo and Nagoya have reopened with services including visa application and authentication however this is limited to: 

  • Crew 

  • Necessary economic, trade scientific or technological activities 

  • Humanitarian needs  

From Aug 1st, 2020 they launched a mandatory appointment system and will only accept online applications forms and online appointments 

Moreover, from Sep 1st, 2020, all applicants must make an online appointment before visiting the office.  


From July 22th, 2020:

Some applications have opened between Mon-Wed but it limited to

  • Firstly, Crew  

  • Secondly, necessary economic, trade scientific or technological activities 

  • Finally, humanitarian needs 

Applicants will need to provide the relevant application materials via email to Then, after receiving a reply, the centre will make an appointment with you to submit the application. 


From Aug 11th, 2020: 

Singapore Chinese Visa Application will fully resume its business operations and have implemented online visa application and online appointment system. 

Application time is 9:00-14:00 

Collection time is 13:00 – 15:00 

From authentications applications you may visit during opening hours. 

Please make an appointment on the website in advance at 


From Aug 5th, 2020: 

Chinese Visa Application Service Centers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi will resume the operation and process partial Chinese visa applications for: 

  • Emergency humanitarianism – Foreign nationals coming to China for funerals or visit critically ill relatives 
  • Family reunion – The spouse and minor children (>18 years old) of Chinese citizens or foreigners that have permanent residence status in China 
  • Persons who need to go to China to take care of and support Chinese parents, their spouses and minor children 
  • Trade or technological activities – holders of PU letters issued by the Foreign Affairs Office of China’s provincial local governments 

As well as this, please note that regular services application normally takes 4 working days so please arrange reasonable time. 

*Update* Ho Chi Minh City centre are able to handle the visa application of a third-country citizen that is residing in Vietnam. 

*Update* Ho Chi Minh City centre is able to handle the visa application of a third-country citizen that is residing in Vietnam. 

We will update with more information, as and when it becomes available.  

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