Lantern Festivals in and around Chengdu

Chinese New Year is drawing to a close and the Lantern Festival is one of the last chances you have to celebrate before rejoining the working world. 🏮

If you don’t fancy the Lantern Festivals but you’ve decided to stay behind in the hope of missing all the insane travelling crowds, our Chengdu Spring Festival Survival Guide will be useful.

The Lantern Festival is a highlight of the Chinese New Year festivities, celebrating both the first day of the New Year and the start of Spring.

Traditionaly lanterns were lit to celebrate and over time the Lantern Festival became a staple of the new year period. Zigong lantern show was exhibited in Beihai Park, Beijing in 1988 to a massive crowd of visitors. They loved it so much that the lantern show became rapidly fashionable all over China.

Most of the lanterns are shaped based on myths, legends, folk customs, historical stories, movies and TV shows. Zigong Lantern Festival is the most famous, but Chengdu is also hosting some of it’s own.

Here’s our overview of all the Lantern Festivals in and around Chengdu and how to make the most of your time with them:

1) Chengdu International Panda Lantern Show 成都熊猫灯会

Lantern Festivals in and around Chengdu - Chengdu Expat 3

The 50th Chengdu International Panda Lantern Show at Qicai Tianye Scenic Spot in east suburban Chengdu. As the largest lantern show in the city, audiences can expect a real show to be put on.

Time: Till March 11

Tickets: Normal 40RMB, Holiday 60RMB


Flower Town 七彩田野, 三圣乡
No.88 Jinjiang Liuxin Road, Longquanyi District

How to get there?

Bus: 186、172、258

During Chinese New Year you can also get shuttle bus from Global Center or Sichuan Normal University direct get there

2) Jinsha Sun Lantern Festival 金沙太阳节

Lantern Festivals in and around Chengdu - Chengdu Expat 6

Jinsha Museum is hosting the Jinsha Sun Lantern Festival till March 3rd. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, this year’s theme is “Chengdu and the World.” The Jinsha Sun Festival tends to be more up-to-date and international than other traditional lantern shows, so expect an impressive spectacle.

Time: till March 3

Tickets: 40RMB


Jinsha Museum 金沙博物馆
No.2, Jinsha Yizhi Road (Qing Yang Avenue)
金沙遗址博物馆, 金沙遗址路2号 (青羊大道227号)

Closest Subway Station:

Line 7 • Jinsha Site Museum

Line 4 Cultural Palace & Line 2 Yipintianxia are also within walking distance

3) Wuhou Temple Grand Fair 武侯祠大庙会:

Lantern Festivals in and around Chengdu - Chengdu Expat 8

More a temple fair than a Lantern show, though we decided to include it as many people go to traditional temple fairs during the Spring Festival for ritual praying, entertainment, snacks, and buying crafts. They’re a window into the past and a great opportunity to experience local culture and traditions.

If you’re stuck at home and want to experience a festive day out look no further.

Expect lot’s of food stalls, lot’s of people, and traditional cultural performances such as playing diabolo, traditional magic, puppet shows and so on can be seen. Besides, people can buy all kinds of daily things at very low prices and have a fun day out.

The main stage of the Wuhou Temple Fair will put on several award-winning performances including two sets of dances of Sichuan Opera, several local bands and three bands from Europe will perform. Here you can shop for some trinkets and gorge on local snacks.

Time:Till March 4



Wuhou Temple 武侯祠
Wuhou Street No. 231/ 武侯街231号
Closest Subway Station:

Line 3 • Gaoshengqiao

4) Wenjiang Grand Temple Fair 温江大庙会

Lantern Festivals in and around Chengdu - Chengdu Expat 12

Time:Till March 4



Floraland 国色天乡陆地公园
No. 88 2nd Stage of Tianxiang Road, Wanchun Town, Wenjiang District [West Chengdu]

How to get there ?
Didi cost around 80RMB from Chengdu city center

5) Dujiangyan International Lantern Show 都江堰国际灯会

Time:till March 12



Dujiangyan Fruit Man Theme World 都江堰水果侠主题世界
138 Xinyu Avenue, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan 都江堰市玉堂镇鑫玉大道138号

How to get there?

19 minutes highspeed train from Xipu Station (10RMB)
30-40 minutes from North Train Station (15RMB)

Then a taxi ride

6) Zigong International Dinosaur Lantern Show 自贡恐龙灯会

Lantern Festivals in and around Chengdu - Chengdu Expat 14

The original, the biggest and the most famous, it is one of the largest folk cultural activities in China. Zigong’s festival ranks among the top events celebrating heritage in modern times. The most famous and lavish lantern festival, combining classical Chinese art with state of the art lighting technology. It also depicts international landmark buildings in France such as the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower.

Time: Till March 10

Tickets: Normal 60RMB, Weekend 90RMB, Holiday 130RMB


Zigong Lantern Park 自贡彩灯公园
No. 6 Park Road, Ziliujing District 自贡市自流井区公园路6号

How to get there?

2.5 hr buses run from Wuguiqiao Staton every half hour (82RMB)
Around 500RMB by Didi

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