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4 Foreign Films in Chengdu February 2019

As predicted, the month of the Lunar New Year is a sad time for foreign movies in China. We only get 3, possibly 4. In the culture bureau’s effort to support Chinese culture, we get a LOT of fun local

8 Foreign Movies in Chengdu this December

After November gave us so much to choose from, it’s finally time for December. And we all know what that means! No, thankfully we don’t have to wait for another Star Wars movie to come to China. It means time to rewatch

12 Foreign Films in Chengdu this November

Not gonna lie, this might be the best month for movies in China in the history of movies in China. Even with the exact same number of films as last month, we have MUCH more variety and there is absolutely something

12 Foreign Films in Chengdu this October

With the “spooky” month finally upon us again, China has given many fun films to distract us from pumpkin carving and costume prepping. In fact, five more than last month.We get another action blockbuster, another Bollywood teacher flick, a sad

7 Foreign Films in Chengdu this September

With August’s massive movie list over and thus summer being officially over, too, we get another lousy month for international films.We trust you all had wonderful summer travels to other countries, though, where you could watch all the cool movies you

12 Foreign Films in Chengdu this August

In the heat of Chengdu’s sweltering summer, what better time to hit the air-conditioned cinema to watch one (or all) of the twelve foreign movies coming to China. Well, they’re not all in English, so unless you’re a very specific polyglot

9 Foreign Movies to China in June 2018

9 Foreign Movies to China in June 2018After an action-packed May without any options for the kiddos, we at least have a couple cartoons to choose from this month. Those animation movies are from Japan, Germany, and the USA, respectively. And because we

English Language Films in Chengdu February 2017

China only allows a handful of English language or foreign films to be released in China every year, and luckily for us, we’re already on schedule to hit over fifty in 2017. So if the pollution is bad or you’re