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My [Diwali] Weekender

Dev RaturiCo-Founder of Amber Palace and owner of China Wide Restaurant Chain Redfort tells us about his weekend in the city.Originally from Uttarakhand in India, Dev Raturi now lives in Chengdu after spending the last 12 years building the Redfort

My [Football] Weekender

David Nicholson  Co-founder of ADI Sports talks the changing sports climate in China and the Chengdu International Football League Final this weekend.Glasgow born David, or Scottish Dave to his friends, originally came to Chengdu in 2010 as an engineer. Since then,

My [Crafty] Weekender

Dieter Vanonckelen – Co-Owner of The Beer Nest I & II and local entrepreneur talks his successes, failures and how he’ll spend the weekend in Chengdu.Trying to catch Dieter’s attention for long enough for him to send over some photos for this

My [Electric] Weekender

Andrew J Trown is co-founder of NXT LVL and Co-owner of The Park in Tongzilin. This is his electric weekend. A combined three and a half year veteran of Chengdu, Andrew arrived here on a spur of the moment decision – originally

My [Twilight] Weekender

Twan Roubroeks co-founder of Berlin Haus describes his weekends in the ‘duAfter studying Finance and Economics, Dutch born Twan left the banking world behind to become a part of Chengdu’s exciting and flourishing expat community. Emerging onto the bar scene

My [Community] Weekender

My [Community] Weekender.Diane Sonar CDIS Community Relations Director has spent over a decade in the city and talks community, culture and how she spends her weekends in the ‘Du.Diane came to Chengdu in 2004 so is now in her eleventh year

My [Tasty] Weekender.

Jordan Porter  – Gastronaught and founder of Chengdu Food Tours describes his weekend in the ‘DuCanadian born Jordan came to Chengdu in 2010 to study, but ended up embarking on a much longer journey of cultural learning and self-discovery than

My [Scary] Weekender.

Andy Wells-Qu ‘The Party Prince’ describes his weekend in the ‘DuAmerican born Andrew heads up international development at Chengdu’s Southwestern University of Finance by day – and party animal by night. He crowned himself the Party Prince now keeps Chengdu