The Ultimate Charcuterie Guide

The Ultimate Charcuterie Guide
Mouth-Watering Ham & Cheese Selections with Sam’s Club

A charcuterie is a great way to entertain friends who unexpectedly drop by, or when you’re planning for that lovely summer night with your beloved ones.
But what exactly is a charcuterie
A charcuterie is a selection of cured meats, sausages, and other tasty treats served on a platter.
And here’s the secret to creating the ultimate charcuterie — make one meat item the star of the platter!
All of Sam’s Club chefs are unanimous in recommending Spanish Jamon Iberico as the one meat item to showcase on your charcuterie.
Why is Jamon Iberico so special?  
Jamon Iberico, unique to the pigs raised in the Iberian peninsula in Spain, is often called the “caviar of meat” products or the “Champaign of ham!” Why? Just because of the taste! 
This Spanish-cured ham has complex and intense flavours, infused with a note of sweetness. Once you enjoy your first slice, you’ll instantly get transported to food nirvana! 
Besides Jamon Iberico, here’s what we suggest adding to your platter to create the ultimate charcuterie.
                                                       Beretta Jamon Serrano
                                                  Beretta Nuremberg Sausage
                                                    Member’s Mark Daily Nuts
                                                            Sartori BellaVitano Cheese
Here’s more ideas of what to add to make the ultimate charcuterie. Choose a few items, or all of it!
Your charcuterie takes only minutes to prepare and Sam’s Club will deliver all these delicacies to your doorstep in just one hour.

Member’s Mark Daily Nuts


RMB 138

Beretta Jamon Serrano


RMB 68.8

Beretta Nuremberg Sausage


RMB 41.6

Beretta German Smoked Sausage


RMB 41.6

Beretta  Pastrami Black Pepper Beef


RMB 68.7

Beretta  Salami Selection


RMB 41

SARTORI Merlot BellaVitano Cheese


RMB 147

SARTORI BellaVitano Gold Cheese


RMB 147

Docle Vita Grana Padano Cheese


RMB 42.8

Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon


RMB 698

Zelanian Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc


RMB 228

A few more ideas to dress up your Jamon Iberico
Classic Iberico Jamon Appetizer
Iberico Jamon with melon, cheese, and bread
Iberico Jamon Brunch
Iberico Jamon with bell peppers and toast
Iberico Jamon Snack
Iberico Jamon with cheese on crusty bread

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Author: CdExpat_Team