Month: January 2017

Social Enterprise in Sichuan

Social Enterprise in SichuanSocial enterprise is a creative, responsible and socially inclusive idea that much of contemporary society is moving towards. It’s aims are to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being. The do-gooders! Here are some great ideas for

My [Festive] Weekender

Kurt Macher General Manager of award winning The Temple House describes his weekend in the cityKurt is immaculately dressed, with an eye for detail and a flair for the dramatic. He is bringing a new level of style and panache

What Chengdu Eats on Chinese New Year

Food plays a central role in all celebrations in China and especially that of Chinese New Year. Unlike the ‘Thanksgiving Turkey’ or ‘Christmas Ham’ which are cultural standards in the West, festival foods can vary greatly from region to region

My [Dramatic] Weekender

Hester Welch progressive theatre specialist and newcomer to Chengdu describes her weekend in the city.My Weekender is a feature brought over from Shanghai where people doing cool and creative things tell us how they spend their weekends in the city. Hester

What’s Happening in Chengdu?

As one of China’s fastest growing cities, Chengdu is frequently picking up new air-routes, art exhibitions and festivals. These are some worth taking note of:Adis Ababa – Chengdu Direct FlightAfrica’s largest airline group, Ethiopian Airlines, has announced that it will offer

Book Review: Eddie Huang’s Double Cup Love

Eddie Huang scarcely needs any introduction – he’s a restaurateur, author, and TV personality while a sitcom based on his childhood immigrant family experience kicked off its third season a few weeks ago. The brothers in the TV shows and

Deal of the Week – Healthy Gourmet

Followers of Chengdu-Expat WeChat receive a weekly special deal on a great product or service in Chengdu, available every Monday.This week Healthy Gourmet are offering 20% off all food when you dine in at their Tongzilin location. You can also claim 10%