Spending Christmas in Chengdu this year?

If your diary isn’t already full, get involved in some restaurant offers, scrumptious hotel dinners, events and parties taking place in this city!

1. 餐厅/ Restaurants

December 1-31: The Beer Nest Fondue

From December 1st to 31st, Cheese Fondue @ The Beer Nest 2. 150rmb(pp) incl. Fondue, bread, side dishes and one drink.  Please reserve 2 days in advance

Time: December 1-31

Address:  The Beer Nest II, Bar & Kitchen:Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street (F1, behind Country Garden Real estate sales office, close to “AMI Bar” or Bank of China) 啤酒窝2店(餐吧),人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼 (碧桂园森林城市售房部后面, AMI酒吧、中国银行附近)

Price: 150rmb(pp)

Scan the QR code to make a reservation:

December 24 & 25th: Grappa’s Wonderful Christmas

Wonderful Christmas Grappa's Chengdu

Wonderful Christmas
Festive Delight Platter, Oyster Bar, Santa Claus Guest Appearance,
Christmas Jazz Song Playlist

3 Seating Dinner Reservation 5pm 7pm 9pm

Reservation Hotline: 028-64661786

Address: 2242, 2/F, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, 8 Middle Shamao St.


December 24 & 25th: Christmas Cheese Fondue at The Abbaye

Christmas Cheese Fondue Abbaye Chengdu

Christmas Cheese Fondue Dinner December 24th & 25th

Christmas Cheese Fondue Dinner
Rmb398 For Two Persons

Reservation Hotline: 028-64661786

Address:  The Abbaye, Belgian Restaurant and Bar 爱杯比利时餐厅

1337, 1/F, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, 8 Middle Shamao St.



December 24&25: Christmas Set at BUCCIANO

The BUCCIANO is offering the Christmas set on December 24th and 25th. 388rmb for one person. a table for 2 and a table for 4 can get discount of the meal.

Address: 314,  B Poly center, No,1 Jinxiu Rd. Wuhou district  武侯区锦绣路1号保利中心B座3楼314


December 25: Christmas at Range

There are movies, games, food and free flow drinks on December 25th at Range

Time: December 25, 6-9pm

Address: No.9 South 1st Section 1st Ring Road


December 15-31: Underground Bar Christmas Events

December 22: Christmas Party

December 24: Christmas Eve Drink Specials & Mulled Wine

December 25: Ugly Sweater Party 

December 26: Christmas Pub Quiz

Address: South New Taiping Street, Nine Eyes Bridge, Wuhou District



  Christmas Menu at McElroy’s

Address:  1-36/37 East Poly Centre, 1 Jinxiu Rd., Wuhou District 锦绣路1号保利中心东区商铺附36, 37号

Price: 588rmb for 4pp set

1088rmb for 8pp set


 Merry Christmas at Iron Pig

Address: Ufun, 6/F, No.300 Jiaozi Ave. Wuhou District 武侯区交子大道300号 6楼

No.9-24, South Tongzilin Road, Wuhou District 武侯区桐梓林南路9-24

Price: 140rmb (book before Dec 20 )

160rmb (book after Dec 21)


 Merry Christmas at Omnomnom

Price: 288rmb/2pp

Address: Omnomnom Russian Cuisine, No.131,  the Second Guanghe Street 广和二街131号

  Christmas Party at Nanmen

Price: 499rmb/2pp, 999rmb/4-6pp

Address: No.8 South Tongzilin Road, Wuhou District 武侯区桐梓林南路8号

Gili’s Christmas Set

Price: 398rmb/pp

Address: 10 South Tongzilin Road, Wuhou District  武侯区桐梓林南路10号

 Christmas Party at Hookah

Please scan the QR code on the poster to get more info

Address: No 212, 2F Building 12, LanKwai Fong


December 24: Chouffe Christmas Party @ The Beer Nest II

Free Chouffe tasting + hats, nose, sunglasses, beards and Xmas stocking

Venue: The Beer Nest II 啤酒窝2店(餐吧)

Address: Renmin South Road Section 4 – No. 48-32, Master Commercial Street (F1, behind Country Garden Real estate sales office) 人民南路四段48号附32号,首座万里商业街1楼 (碧桂园森林城市售房部后面)


December 20: Ugly Christmas Sweater Bingo Night

Address: The Range , 9 South First Section the First Ring Road Wuhou District 武侯区一环路南一段9号1栋2层9号(凯悦新城)


December 21: Merry & Bright at Vinoteka

December 21-22 Wilson Chen with SOULOUT Projuct FT.Alina

December 21-25 Wine Bazzar (buy 3 get 1 free)

December 243-25 Christmas Wine Dinner

Tel: 028-64657530

Address:  Vinoteka 红酒馆, L120 IFS, Jinjiang District 锦江区国金中心L120商铺

December 22: Christmas Party

Time: 6.30pm

Address: 6 Middle Linjiang Road, Wuhou District 武侯区临江中路6号

Price:188rmb/pp, 348rmb/2p, 508rmb/3+p

10% off for early birds/ Panda VIP guest card holders/ 50%off for kids


December 22: Christmas Live Music at Shamrock

Shamrock presents Christmas special live music at 10pm on December 22nd, and they are offering drink specials, mulled wine, eggnog and hot cocktails.

Time: December 22, 10pm

Address:  15, Sect. 4, South Renmin Rd. 三叶草爱尔兰餐吧, 人民南路4段15号

 Christmas Set at Shamrock

Address:  15, Sect. 4, South Renmin Rd. 三叶草爱尔兰餐吧, 人民南路4段15号

Christmas Set at Homeplate

December 22-25: Home Plate Christmas Dinner

December 24: Christmaas Buffet

Address: 54 Ziwei East Road, Wuhou District. 武侯区紫薇东路54号

December 22-25:  Christmas Party at the Lenbach

Christmas Roast Whole Turkey/ Christmas Gluhwein/ Surprising Gifts/ Band performance and Lucky Draw/ Dancing Performance

Address: 7 Building 1, Shuijingtang Cultural Protection Block, 1 Jingguanyi Street, Jingjiang District 锦官驿街1号水璟唐文化保护街区1栋7号

Casamosaico Christmas Set for Two


Casamosaico Italian Restaurant 卡萨马克意大利餐厅

208-209, 2nd Floor, Master, №48, Section 4 of South Renmin Road, Wuhou District (Behind Bank of China) 武侯区人民南路四段48号首座中心商业区2楼-208/209号(中国银行正背后二楼)

Price: 900rmb for 2 pp

December 15th to 30th: Kathmandu Christmas Set

** Menu

Yak Cheese platter or Set of Cheese Ball, Veg Pokora & Samosa
*Main Course
Cheese nam, Chicken tikka, Yak Momo, Salad, Wedge Potato
or Cheese nam, Panner Tandoori, Veg Momo, Salad, Wedge Potato
Cafe Gourmand, Set of Crumble Apple pie , Brownies , Yak Yoghurt serve with a Coffee or a Tea

** Beers Specials
DogFish Head Punking Ale Beer : 38 RMB
DogFish Head Namaste White : 38 RMB

*December 24th : Xmas Eve

  • Christmas 3 Course Set Meal
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Mulled Wine
  • Beer Sample Set (Everest/TPA/Tianfu Wheat)
  • Nori’s Himalyan Handicraft Lucky Draw
  • Movies: Home Alone 1&2
  • Xmas photo booth with Santa (6pm-8pm)


Kathmandu 加德满都餐厅


99 Huan Jin Road, Qing Yang District, Chengdu



188 RMB for 2people

*Reservation Recommended

028 61671488 kathmandu Qr Code Wechat

December 22: 2018 Tongzilin Christmas & Winter Solstice Festival

Everyone needs to prepare a 30RMB mystery gift to exchange

Time:December 22, 5-10pm

Ticekts: Adult:88rmb, Kid:58rmb

December 24 : Berlin Haus Christmas Party

Address: 1203 A, SOHO  North Kehua Street, Wuhou District

  Christmas Party at Jah Bar

Ticket: Presale 30rmb, At the door 50rmb

Time: December 25th 8pm

Address:  No.36-18 Hongmen Street, Wuhou District 武侯区黉门街36-18号

  Christmas Set at Peter’s

Address:  No. 117 North Kehua Road 科华北路117号(科华店)

 No. 518 Dayue Road 大悦路518号(大悦城店)

No. 1700North Section Tianfu Ave天府大道北段1700号(环球中心店)

Ufun, No 300 Jiaozi Ave 交子大道300号(悠方店)

No.99Shengheyi Road 盛和一路99号(凯丹店)

No 12 East Tongzilin Road 桐梓林东路12号(桐梓林店)

December 24 : Christmas Party at Revolucion

Address: 1/F, Block 18, Chengdu Lan Kwai Fong, 1 Shuijin St. 成都市水津街1号成都兰桂坊18栋1楼

 Christmas & New Year’s Set

Address:  No. 2307 B, 2F, Taikoo Li (across the street from Blue Frog, behind CK)


December 24:  Christmas Party at Taiga

Address: Taiga Club , 2/F Blue Caribbean Plaza, Kehuabeilu, Wuhou District  科华北路蓝色加勒比广场二楼

December 24: Christmas Drink Specials at Leg & Whistle

Special Christmas Drinks : Buy One Get One Free

All Shots: 10rmb

Address:   1-19 Kehua Street Chuanda Garden (2F opposite convenient store) 科华街一号附19号(川大花园南苑农业银行2楼)

December 24 /25: Christmas Party at Propaganda Club

Address: Ground Floor 339 Shopping Mall Building A 成华区双林路339购物中心A栋一层

December 24 /25: Christmas Drink Special at Honey & Malt

Address: 20-8 East Tongzilin Road, Wuhou District 武侯区桐梓林东路20号附8号


2. 酒店/ Hotels

December 24 – 31: Festival Celebration

December 24, 5.30-9.30: Christmas Eve Dinner Buffet 858rmb /pp

December 25, 5.30-9.30: Christmas Day Dinner Buffet 658rmb /pp

December 31, 5.30-9.30: New Year’s Eve Dinner Buffet 538rmb/pp

Address:  The Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu, 269 Shuncheng Ave.


December 24: Christmas at DiaoYuTai Boutique

A Christmas show at the DiaoYuTai Boutique Chengdu, featuring a meal, carols, and christmas surprises!

Time: December 24, 6pm to 10pm

Where: DiaoYuTai Boutique Chengdu

#38-39 Broaden Alley Qingyang District, Chengdu / 成都市青羊区宽巷子38-39号

Tickets: 399RMB per person for children, 798RMB for adults. 10% off for groups of 4-10, 20% off for over 11.

Call 028 – 66259999 to book

December 22: Merry Christmas at the Intercontinental

Enjoy a Christmas buffet at the Intercontinental, as well as added features for those paying for a family ticket.

Time: 22 December

Address: Intercontinental Global Center 成都环球中心天堂洲际大酒店

Chengdu, Gaoxin district, Tianfu avenue north ,No 1736.


Tickets: 398RMB per adult, 198RMB per child. Family ticket for 1888, including one room for one night, a 2-hour bike ride, Christmas gifts and two Majiang vouchers.

Scan the QR in the poster for more

December 24: Merry Christmas at Hilton

Time: December 24th, 6-9pm

Address: Hilton Chengdu, No.666 Middle Section Tianfu Ave. Wuhou District 武侯区天府大道中段666号

Christmas Party at Temple House



December 24:Christmas Bazaar Up-cycled Christmas Tree Lightening Ceremony/ Christmas Dinner & Festivities

December 25: Christmas Celebrations

Address:  No,81 Bitieshi Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu  锦江区笔帖式街81号

  Christmas Set at Crowne Plaza

Tel: 028-867866668323

Address:31 Zongfu Road Jinjiang District 锦江区总府路31号

December 24:  Christmas Buffet at Sheraton

Address:  No.15 the First Section Mid Renmin Road 人民中路一段15号天府丽都喜来登

  Christmas Party at St Regis

Address: No.88 South Taisheng Road, Qingyang District 青羊区太升南路88号


3. 其他/ Other

January 6: DIY at Alfonso’s Coffee Shop

Time: January 6, 15:00 – 16:30

Address: Alfonsos Coffee Shop

5-23 Xinsheng Road 新生路5号附23号


December 9: Chanukah at Lan Kwai Fong

Chanukah at Lan Kwai Fong, beginning at 7 by Hard Rock Cafe and Jellyfish. Featuring gifts, doughnuts, music and more!

Time: December 9, 7pm onwards

Address: Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu

Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu, 1 Shuijin Street, Jinjiang District

Website: ChebadChengdu.com. Phone: 18728459347


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