As November comes to an end, Chengdu is taking on a new look. Ginkgo leaves are falling, fog hovers around skyscrapers, and that Winter chill is kicking in. Photographers have been coming in from all over, be it for exhibitions, FISE, or just to capture the city.

Our Instagram features many photos that capture Chengdu life, from the ancient streets to the high-tech highways. This month has seen some wonderful additions to our catalogue thanks to the wonderful photographers of Instagram. 

Here are some of our favourite photos featured on @chengduexpat in November!



Modern City 🏙️ @luxjuve

Night Cart 🌑🍜 @kevin.deng

Looking Down 🌃 @julien_chat_adrenafilm

Layers 🏢 @adrianalopez_greyreport

Wild Ride 🤘 @gatsby_leo

FISE 🚴 @lukasknopf

Streets Below 🗼 @wenqiao.z

**crop?** Chengdu Reflected 🌃🔵 @a_photo_element

Busy 80’s Streets 🚗🚗 @1980s_china

Riding to Work 🌄 @le.xiaodong

Jiuyanqiao 🍂 @janetyee817

Nightway 🛣️ @walnut.lee

ESM 🏭🖌️ @_fust_

Late Night Grub 🍢🌌 @amieecai

City Slope ⤴️🏢 @davidjoseph8868

Stopping By 🚴🗼@madonabmx

Wenshu Flames 🔥 @kaitfontaine

Weshu Colours 🌈 @peruinthedu

Winding Steps 🎢 @angelinazxy

Old to the New ⛩️🏢 @aisyahrani

Too Many Bikes 🚴🚴 @war_ti_na

Bridge of Light 💡 @kevin.deng

Account of the Month @bwezza

Brent has been living in and out of China since 2011 and now has an established consulting company in Chengdu. He previously owned a video production company in Australia, however since moving to China he discovered his passion for photography and has been taking photos on his Sony A73 as a hobby which quickly developed into part of his consulting work for other companies.

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Author: CDExpat_Jamie

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