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Join the 2023 Chengdu International Football League

A lot has changed in Chengdu in the last 12 years. Giant buildings emerged from construction sites, new metro lines popped up regularly and the city’s footprint expanded by the hour. One thing that has remained constant through this transformation

2023 Chengdu Job Fair for Foreigners

• Are you ready to seize an incredible opportunity? The Chengdu Job Fair for Foreigners is back and better than ever this year, hosted by the Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau (Foreign Experts Affairs Bureau of Chengdu), in collaboration with

The 2024 Chengdu Michelin Guide Announcement

Events          🍽️          Explore   ​We were more than excited in 2022 when Michelin rocked up at the temple of Chuancai and cast it’s decerning eyes on Chengdu’s food and beverage scene  – but the 2022 and 2023

Coming to Chengdu: Westlife, Imagine Dragons and OneRepublic

 • Chengdu is back with a bang as world famous musical ensembles like Westlife, Imagine Dragons, OneRepublic, Lost Frequencies, Novo Amor and more. Yes you read that right, these bands are all coming to our humble little city. Perhaps now

Viral Collaboration: Moutai and Luckin Coffee Cause a Stir

 • China marketing firms have gone collaboration mad in the last few years, with Hey Tea & Fendi turning our WeChat moments yellow a few months ago, Gucci & North Face, and Oatley & almost everyone – just to name

Criminal Record Certificate in Chengdu: Guidelines

A overlooked item that may be required when changing jobs is your criminal record covering the time you were living in China. Most of us will have had to deal with obtaining a criminal record check from our own countries

Unlock Your Potential: The Success Blueprint Program by Raquel Ramirez Consulting

In a world that’s constantly evolving, women are rising to new heights in their professional careers. Yet, the journey to success is not always straightforward. That’s where Raquel Ramirez Consulting comes in, offering a beacon of guidance through its transformative

Visa Application Centres and Contact Details in Chengdu

Exit and Entry Administration Divisions of Chenghua, Jinjiang, Jinniu, Qingbaijiang, Qingyang, Shuangliu and Wuhou districts, Hi-tech zone, and Tianfu New Areas PSB have set up the application counters for the convenience of foreigner’s visa applications.

Chengdu’s 2023 Fortune Global 500 Companies

 • The Fortune Global 500 list for 2023, tracking the world’s richest enterprises in terms of revenue, recently revealed that 135 companies were from the Chinese Mainland and Hong Kong, one less than the previous year, the first drop in

Supercharge your Chinese this Semester

• If you’re still in the country by now, you’re a real survivor! Whatever your next step is, mastering Chinese is a clear-cut way to supercharge your life and career. There are several options are available in Chengdu!• Chinese Corner, is a

Sichuan Accommodation Registration: Online & Offline Process

• As you SHOULD know (or you may be in big trouble) foreign nationals have to register, or re-register within 24 hours after landing in Chengdu from abroad. You may face a fine starting from 10 days if you do

6 NEW Cool WeChat Features (July 2023)

• The can-do-everything APP WeChat has just launched some cool new features, trying to keep it ever competitive with other apps in the ecosystem (like the every-growing XiaoHongShu aka RED). Just like Instagram or RED, you can now pin your

Must-See Tourist Attractions in Chengdu

From the modern and renewed Panda Base to the historic and tranquil Wenshu Monastery, there are so many must-visit attractions in Chengdu, which are believed to be the best places to soak up the quintessence of the city’s fascinating culture.People’s

HOW to Sync your Foreign Bank Card to Alipay

 • Recently, Alipay has rolled out new upgrades to make mobile payment services more accessible and convenient for international visitors to China.• Visitors to China simply need to link their foreigner bank cards to Alipay to make payments at tens

1 Day Wonders – Day Trips Around Chengdu

One of the best things about living in Chengdu, is how easy it is to hop on a train or a bus, and in a few hours be somewhere beautiful.

Are these 5 Local Chengdu Restaurants Overrated?

Chengdu is a UNSECO World City of Gastronomy, and famous globally for its cuisine. It has tens of thousands of restaurants, and amazing food around every corner – but sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. Are expats and visitors able

SMILE – Refractive Laser Eye Surgery in Chengdu

• If you’ve been thinking about saying goodbye to your glasses or correcting visual impairments, it is now safe and affordable, with some of the world’s leading specialists, on your doorstep. • Myopia has become a very common problem with

Chengdu’s Post-COVID Restaurant Boom

Chengdu’s Post-COVID Restaurant Boom • The drought is over! After 3 years man of our favourites international eateries shut up shop, and promises of new brands from big groups head-quartered in Shanghai struggling to make it over to Sichuan’s sizzling capital

Chengdu 144-hour Visa-free Transit Policy

Under the 144-hour visa-free transit policy, foreign travelers can enjoy a six-day stay in Chengdu without a visa, provided they come from 53 eligible countries, enter and exit China from eligible ports, stay within the allowed cities and regions, as

Indoor Activities for Families in Chengdu

 • Are your kids driving you nuts? Are you looking for some weekend activities in the Chengdu area that are suitable for children?• Check out our list of Chengdu’s most popular indoor attractions suitable for the whole family.Kids Winshare Plus 文轩亲子书店 Kids Winshare Plus is a