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BACK ON: 2023 Chengdu FISU World University Games

BACK ON: 2023 Chengdu FISU World University Games• The International University Sports Federation (FISU) announced on Friday that the Chengdu 2021 World University Games will take place from July 28 to August 8 in 2023.• Chengdu will be the third Chinese city

Chengdu River Boat Tours

Chengdu River Boat ToursYou might have seen it on your Moments, the Jinjiang river boat tours are back, so locals and tourists alike can take in some of Chengdu’s best sights from the water. Currently there are two routes in use, with more coming in

NEW: San Ke Late Night Bar & Bistro

NEW: San Ke Late Night Bar & BistroThe tree-lined Tongzilin South Road is one of the best pockets of international food in the city, with everything from French rotisserie chickens, to American BBQ, Burgers, and more.| Tongzilin South Road, an international

June 2022: All Flights In & Out of China

June 2022: All Flights In & Out of ChinaFirst things first: returning to China from abroad is still not easy, and you will have to undergo quarantine upon arrival. Booking a flight (not to mention an affordable one) is another

Sichuan Shortens Quarantine for Returning from Abroad

Sichuan Shortens Quarantine for Returning from AbroadFirst things first: returning to China from abroad is still not easy, and you will have to undergo quarantine upon arrival. Booking a flight (not to mention an affordable one) is another problem, and

1 Day Wonders – Day Trips Around Chengdu

One of the best things about living in Chengdu, is how easy it is to hop on a train or a bus, and in a few hours be somewhere beautiful.

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Turns Seven

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu was finished seven years ago, and really changed the dynamic of the city. It has quickly become the key destination for luxury and lifestyle shops, bars and restaurants in Chengdu. Surrounding the historic Daci temple, and

Where to Get a 24-Hour COVID Test in Chengdu

• We all know there are lots of places to get a COVID test in Chengdu, and there are even more now testing kiosks have sprung up on many street corners: but we still get people asking us daily where to

Want to Learn How to Best Manage Your Money in China?

 We all want to achieve financial freedom and make sure our families are financially secure.But as an Expat in China, understanding and navigating financial solutions, savings, and investments can be confusing and time-consuming. Do you find yourself asking the following

Chengdu Young Professionals Vol. 20

Chengdu Young Professionals Vol. 20成都职业青年交流会 第20期Get back to the grind after the May holiday season, with terrace views of the city, meeting like-minded people, and having relaxed drinks – at Volume 20 of the Young Professional Mixers. This spring mixer

Time Running Out? Learn Chinese NOW!

If you’re still in the country by now, you’re a real survivor! You may have plans to stay here a little longer – or you’re looking to leg it, but whatever your next step is, mastering Chinese is a clear-cut

2022 Chengdu Mother’s Day Specials

Luckily COVID Case numbers in Chengdu remain low, and several restaurants, and hotels are pulling out all the stops for their Mother’s Day special.Time to celebrate mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds in general, as well as the positive contributions that they

Chengdu News Spring 2022

 You may not have been able to leave Chengdu this May holiday, but boy, did the city turn on the charm. And whilst we’re still in a relaxed stupor, there’s lots to fill you in on, that’s been happening here

Must-See Tourist Attractions in Chengdu

From the modern and renewed Panda Base to the historic and tranquil Wenshu Monastery, there are so many must-visit attractions in Chengdu, which are believed to be the best places to soak up the quintessence of the city’s fascinating culture.People’s

Swimming Pool & Cocktails? GILI’S Veranda is OPEN

Travelling to tropical islands is out of the question at the moment, but the sun has come out in Chengdu… and that can mean only one thing. It’s time to top our tans, with a cocktail in hand, at the

Should you Travel from Chengdu this May Holiday?

• Due to the recent Omicron outbreaks in different cities – and the upcoming FISU Games in Chengdu – the city is on relatively high alert.•Most of us have time off this coming Labor Day Holiday – and are thinking

Pets Friendly Hotels Around Chengdu

     Ever had trouble finding a hotel to take your pet(s) with you to for a short break? We got you covered! Find here 5 hotels that are pets friendly in & around Chengdu – if you are looking

2022 Chengdu Easter Specials

Whether this weekend is about resurrection, Ramadan…. or bread that isn’t risen – for you, we all could use a reason to come together, with friends and loved ones, after a shaky few weeks in the city.COVID Case numbers remain low,

Chengdu: Stay in & Drink Wine

Many of us have been stocking up lately, in case we have to stay at home… and luckily there’s a shiny new way to get top-of-the-range wines delivered to your door, at an unbeatable price; the Laowine WeChat MiniProgram has arrived!  Professionals & Passionate About WineAs

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