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Survival Sichuanese

Survival SichuanesePeople have long joked, 天不怕地不怕只怕四川人说普通话 – there is nothing to fear but the Sichuanese speaking Mandarin, and it can be true.With a large lack of retroflex sounds (ch, zh, sh, etc.), confusions on h/f, n/l, s/c initial consonants and n/ng, en/un, ian/uan

Surviving the Winter Pollution in Chengdu

Here’s How to Survive Winter Pollution in Chengdu• Winter is well and truly on the way in Chengdu, and with this icy blast of weather, we’ve been blessed with another winter special; grey skies, and high AQI.• Chengdu generally experiences

English COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Test Reports in Chengdu

Are you leaving China or need English COVID-19 test report for another reason?Here’s where to get your COVID-19 PCR test in Chengdu.Note:-Please bring your passport and specify during the test that you want the result in English.-As things and/ or

Riverside Brunch & Dining? Yes please.

Last year was a tough one for many people, and with a 2023 just around the corner, it looks like the new year will bring lots of exciting new things for everyone in Chengdu; the possibility of trips home, big

Not into Mahjong? Play Poker in Chengdu!

Texas Hold’emWhilst Mahjong reins supreme in Sichuan, Texas hold ’em is is one of the worlds favourite pastimes – and it’s now gaining popularity in Chengdu. Each player seeks the best five card poker hand from any combination of seven

2022 New Year’s Eve Events and Parties in Chengdu

As 2022 is coming to an end, it’s time to celebrate Chengdu! There are dinners, drinks specials, parties and big nights out to help you bring in 2023. Which one will you choose?Bars & RestaurantsNew Year Celebration @ Gili’s TiexiangVenue:GILI’S

Chengdu: China’s Happiest City for 14th Year Running

Chengdu: China’s Happiest City for 14th consecutive yearChengdu, hometown of the panda, hip hop, hot pot and mahjong, once again came in first in the annual rank of China’s 10 happiest cities… they obviously don’t ask people during winter… We joke.This is the 14th consecutive

2022 Chengdu Christmas Events

If you’re spending Christmas in Chengdu this year then you’re in luck, as there is an abundance of events, parties, restaurant offers and delicious hotel dinners for you to get involved in in the city over the festive season.If you’re

Is Eye Treatment in Chengdu a Good Idea?

• Having health concerns in Chengdu can be worrying as we’re not always sure where best to seek help.• Thankfully for people who want to schedule treatment for their eyes, have laser/ ICL surgery, or are having ongoing issues with

Places to Ski in and around Chengdu

Places to Ski in and around ChengduWhilst it’s very unlikely any of us will be hitting the slopes of Aspen, Courchevel, or Zermatt this year, there are decent ski resorts in China, and some of them are closer than you’d

Helpful Western Medicines in Chinese

So you’re sick in China, but you’re not sure where to access Western medicines, or not ready to try Traditional Chinese Medicine yet? • Because of COVID-19, lots of fever and cough medicine (especially paracetamol based ones) are currently be hard

COVID-19 in Chengdu: The Latest

The latest updates:Updated December 12th 2022, 14:00• Since the beginning of December 2022, the Chinese government on Wednesday already unveiled a broad easing of its strict “zero Covid” policy (huge changes). Click here to learn more about the released 10-point

Where to Watch the 2022 World Cup in Chengdu

• FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022! 🏆 Thirty-two teams play a total of 64 games to decide who will be crowned World Cup champions. In China the World Cup games are shown live on CCTV5 and other platforms (see down

2022 Chengdu Marathon: Full Information

2022 Chengdu MarathonThe Chengdu Marathon is the first marathon race in China to pursue the prestigious Abbott World Marathon Majors in which it aspires to join the ranks of the six members. These years, the event is evaluated to determine

2022 China-time Qatar World Cup Schedule

• Get ready for the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022! 🏆 Thirty-two teams will play a total of 64 games to decide who will be crowned World Cup champions.• The 32 nations are divided into eight groups of four. Teams

QSI International School of Chengdu is Hiring

 About Quality Schools International (QSI)QSI is expanding our programs to provide more opportunities for students. We are looking for highly qualified and motivated teachers to join us.Quality Schools International (QSI) was founded in 1971 in Saana, Yemen and has grown

2022 Chengdu Thanksgiving Events

Thanksgiving celebrations are all about cooking and sharing an abundance of food with family and friends. We’re all missing home, just a little more than usual this year so we have put together a list of the places in the

Returning to China: Tests in Transit NO Longer Required

• This week 20 updated COVID-19 prevention and control measure reforms were announced (for information about this, click here) – and now there’s MORE good news for people wanting to return to China: many Chinese embassies have updated the requirements

Taobao Launches Shopping Reward Program & Why You Should Know

 Shop frequently on Taobao?Then this guide will help youeasily save a few hundred yuan a yearTaobao now partners with SmartLaowaithe biggest English shopping reward platform in Chinaand gives away Internal Vouchers & Cashback It is the easiest way to enjoy the best price on TaobaoWhenever you want to buy something

Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare in Chengdu

Clinics, Hospitals and Healthcare for other diseasesClinicsDr. Leo ClinicLanguage: English, ChineseMedical Services: Adult & Children General, Medical Consultation, Medication & Treatment, prevention Medicine & Referral Services, Mental Health Advice, Health Education & Health Management for Corporate Clients, Senior & Sports