• #ZeroWasteChengdu is a new organization in the city, that aims to raise environmental awareness, organize educational events, and build an engaged community who can create lasting change.
• You can be apart of the change! Learn more about how to get involved below.


Living in China can make it difficult to know how to make life choices that are good for the environment. Luckily environmental awareness is stepping up here, and as Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged, at the UN General Assembly in Sept 2020, that he wanted China to achieve “Carbon Neutrality by 2060”, we decided it’s high time we rolled up our sleeves and got involved.

We are excited to launch our Going Zero Waste Awareness Campaign!

Do you know what composting, Zero Waste and the Circular Economy are?

Did you know that the COVID-19 and almost all recent pandemics originate in wildlife, and there is evidence that increasing human pressure on the natural environment may drive these diseases more likely to appear.

Come and join Zero Waste Chengdu in this awareness campaign at Tongzilin Community Center to explore all of these topics in a fun and practical way, and find out why this is probably one of the most impactful things we can do for the planet.

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 Why Get Involved? 


Time is critical; China is the most populated country in the world therefore the repercussion of individual actions can easily produce a change on a big scale.


 Reducing the waste that goes to landfills/incineration, and the ocean, is a must for China to realize the “2017 Paris Agreement on Climate Change”.


Because of our love for Mother Nature! When you care about something you want to understand it and look after it.


 Going Zero Waste Awareness Campaign 

Part 1:  Awareness (Redesign/Rethink)

Discover our “WASTE”.

Here you will be introduced to techniques to investigate the amount of waste we generate in our everyday life. How can we track it? And different approaches to become conscious consumers.You will be taught to track one’s “waste” and will be introduced to the concepts of Zero Waste and Circular Economy through a series of lectures, seminars, workshops, and games.


Part 2: Action (Repair, recycle/upcycle, re-earth)

You will learn how to reduce and transform household waste in a fun and practical way.Participants will take part in a series of activities (upcycling, vermicomposting, repair cafe, plogging, and an outdoor excursion) where they learn why reducing waste is important and how to do so.We will be working closely with major environmental organizations in the city.


Part 3: Outlook (Leadership)

Become a leader for yourself and for your community!Participants will take part in a series of lectures and workshops (sustainable purchasing, goal setting & habit tracking, leadership training). Incorporate our newly gained knowledge into everyday life by habitualizing them and inspiring others to do the same. Be the change!

   Who will attend?

• Individuals (locals and foreigners) and families who are interested in implementing sustainable lifestyle practices;

• Corporate leaders interested in approaches to a circular economy and sustainable supply chains;

• Youth who want to get involved in their communities and join efforts for environmental protection.

 About Zero Waste Chengdu 


#ZeroWasteChengdu is an environmental consultancy company based in Chengdu. It was born as a response to the need for sustainable solutions in the business world.

Its mission is to guide and assist businesses, schools & communities to achieve its environmental and corporate social responsibility goals.


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