No matter where you are in Chengdu, there is always someone or something to photograph. Chengdu is home to, and also attracts, plenty of talented photographers from all over the world.

Our Instagram features many photos that capture these vibrant and varied aspects of Chengdu. This month has seen some wonderful additions to our catalogue thanks to the wonderful photographers of Instagram. 

Here are some of our favourite photos featured on @chengduexpat in October!

Close Shave🧔 @njthefreak

Directions 🗺️ @laowwai

Street Cuisine🍖 @jchana27

 Long Day 🌊 @amieecai

Nighttime 🍈 @mikemogler

Afternoon Chill 🍵 @1eemingwell

Between the Buildings 🏢🌳🏢 @东方

TGIF 👮 @niko_salapatas

Night Ride 🚴 @mikemogler

Smile 🍈 @arnut_wattana

1980’s China 👴 @1980s_china

Cityscape 🌁 @andychewwk


Account of the Month: @amieecai

Amiee Cai is a business consultant. Passionate about food, travel and photography. She moved to Chengdu purely for the love of spicy food, but ended up loving the scenes of street life here too. So she grabs her camera and starts to capture those little moments.

Do you take great photos in and around Chengdu? Tag us at @ChengduExpat or 

#ChengduExpat to be featured.

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Author: CDExpat_Jamie

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