The Chengdu government departments that deals with labor relations issues, such as questions about clauses in your contract (usually Chinese versions only), and which handles disputes.

There are various Labor Bureau Offices in Chengdu, please check Google to find the one nearby you, or search “劳动仲裁” in WeChat locations.

If you have a problem with the contract (always good to get an experienced eye like a competent lawyer to look over before you sign – Add our WeChat to refer a reliable contact), then you can go to them to raise a dispute.

Be aware that for any dispute, the Labor Bureau will require you to negotiate with your employer before they do any intervention. If negotiation fails, then you can apply to have the case heard through arbitration (NOT legally binding, but does help a lot if you go the full legal route).

Our experience is that it will be hit and miss to get someone who speaks English.

Here’s the link to the English version of the Chinese Labor Laws –

and Labor Contract Law (which has many similar clauses, but some different or new) –

As part of those, any clause in your contract that’s not legal is invalid, but doesn’t affect the rest of the contract – as per Article 18.

by Taliesin ap Ceridwen

CDIS China Chengdu