The weather in Chengdu reached the steamy heights 38 this August but as always, there was also plenty of rain. However, the weather didn’t stop Chengdu’s photographers from getting busy and capturing the beauty of the city. Here is Chengdu this August through their lens…

Life’s a Game


Fast Paced


Chengdu Streetart


Where did the sun go?


The Grind Never Stops


The journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step


Three Generations






Dripping in Gold


A Room with a View


Nature Loving




Account of the Month 


Xiaoyao Francis is an independent photographer based in Chengdu. Photography is his live and he enjoys capturing Chengdu’s wonderfully vibrant atmosphere, amazing architecture and cinematic street scenes to capture the reality of daily life.







Author: CdExpat_Alanis

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