Note from the editor: We know that many people in the city are in need of support, and it can be difficult to decide who to help, and when. We were approached by someone from the Chengdu International Dad’s group, as their child is very sick, and needs urgent help.

Because they are from the international community and lack domestic support, have provided full documentation from doctors, and proof of fund raising efforts, we wanted to help share their story. Please find a message from Hasan, the child’s father, below.


I never thought that the fate of my baby would be so rough. We promise that all expenses will be used for Asma’s treatment. If Asma dies unfortunately, the remaining money will be donated or returned. We will donate her organs to others and her body to medical research. Everything stated below is absolutely true and there is no fraudulent concealment.

I am Hasan from Bangladesh, currently working in Chengdu Shishi High School (Beihu Campus). Our beautiful little daughter Zhong Luosang, nicknamed “Asma”, is a 2 year-and-8-month old Bengali-Chinese mixed-race baby.


Our daughter is suffering from rare congenital heart disease, which is affecting her trachea and esophagus. She already had an anus repair surgery & a heart surgery in China, which was not successful. Now, she suffers from suffocation & extreme discomfort during sleep.

Asma needs to have a second operation asap, otherwise, her treatment will reach a dead end. The procedure could not be performed due to the lack of necessary equipment in China. If she doesn’t have the second surgery, she will have breathing problems and poor airflow and will eventually die of heart failure. Furthermore, the pressure on her esophagus will increase, it will be more difficult to eat and she will eventually starve to death.

Her esophagus is squeezed to only 0.3 cm and could no longer eat solid foods. She has been hospitalized 9 times and had 2 major surgeries in last two years. We spent our savings on her treatment, now we’re selling our house.
Asma hasn’t given up; she keeps smiling and is fighting against all odds. Our last hope is to take her Boston Children’s Hospital but the surgery costs US $185,345.00. Going or not is the difference between Asma’s life and death.

I’m humbly requesting your help and kindness to save my daughter, Asma. Any amount would be forever appreciated! Everything stated here is absolutely true and there is no fraudulent concealment.

Medical Reports & Documentation


All medical reports and consultation of Dr. Christopher W. Baird, director of Congenital Heart Valve Center at Boston Children’s Hospital are uploaded here (Chinese and English).

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